Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 Years Anniversary as aBeachbody Coach

Its 3pm in the afternoon and I just got home from a pumpkin patch with my second daughter. Husband just swept the kids off to the playground so I can sit and help my challengers stay motivated with their current fitness programs.  While reflecting about a new success story that came in today-  elder man that lost 18 pounds this month with Shakeology and upbeat on his new window of opportunity. I got excited about his story because just few weeks ago, we all were worrying about his health status. When I was at my desk, I noticed that my 2 years anniversary as a Beachbody Coach is coming up in 6 days!    I wanted to write down few or maybe little too many memories of my years as a Beachbody coach as the days keep on getting better and better.  Interesting, many of my memories were already documented on my social media sites when I started this challenge, that makes it much easier! 

Before I ramble on, I want to emphasize that this business is for those people who already decided that they want to succeed, to be healthy and lead a better life than what they had the day before.  If you think you can't, I am a living proof that you CAN. I didnt graduate with a fitness degree or have specialized experience in nutrition.    I am simply a lady who wanted to be healthier.   You can start your journey towards becoming healthier by being a coach… even if you already have a full time job or hands full with children.  I became a 2 star Diamond, which means I am leading a team of coaches who are simply helping others become healthier. This means lives are changed forever.  Forever, you ask me?   Check #12 on my memories list later in this post.   This blessing comes from all the coaches that are on my team who work hard as I do taking advantage of the freedom.  What freedom do I talk about?   Tools, resources and the support to run your own business the way YOU want to.    

Here goes…  
I remember the day I was laid off my well-paid corporate job few years ago with two kids in tow. I had no idea what my future looked like but I texted my babysitter and laid her off considering the situation.   That was sort of a BIG moment for me.  I realized that I did not want to hire any babysitters again, why? I don't want to be away from kids like that anymore. And it really pains me to have to fire or lay someone off! 

Little more than two years ago when I ordered Turbofire- I had no idea that it would change my life. Health wise and in many other ways!   I reached my health goal.  I have always been a chubby gal my whole life… My highest was 180 lbs at 5 feet 2 inches, lost some pounds to 150 before I got pregnant with both kids but then post pregnancy, I got stuck at 145-150 for a while.  I am now proud to say that I am at 123 for two years when I started on this path and feeling clear from all the CLEAN eating/active lifestyle.   Pushing myself to be positive and being around positive people helps too! My BMI was over 28% currently at 22% which is at normal level.
Few months after I ordered Turbofire, I decided to get on Shakeology after long hours of researching for a meal replacement that will be a nutritional powerhouse for me.  Beachbody offered me to get on as a coach for free during one of their special. I thought, why not get on just for the discount.  I adore Shakeology and it is still my favorite meal of the day!  
When I got my first Coach pin, I told myself that I was not in it to coach but to enjoy the discount. It was not my intentions to make this a career.
But when people came to me and complimented me on my weight loss and how great I was feeling just after my baby was born so I naturally felt an urge to help them make it happen for themselves too. I started inviting people to exercise with me and simply told them about how Turbofire and other programs are FUN and since most of us are Deaf, captioning was important to us.  Gym classes aren't quite accessible without interpreters, so accessibility were our major sticking points- Beachbody filled in that void with captioning their workout DVD's- we could do it at home now! 
When they offered the free coach sign-ups, I just immediately shared so that my friends could get the 25% discount too.  Some of those who signed up became such an inspiration towards other people including myself so I simply went on with my life and kept sharing whenever possible.   I also noticed that foods or fitness related topics are easy to talk about since everybody eats needs to move around their bodies!    
Fast forward two years, let me list the memories/lessons… 
1. I did not miss out Maiyalene as a cute little baby. I got to spend hours each day to cuddle up with her, no matter how often Magdalene would try to be rowdy around us. I had the opportunity to take them to school, spend time at school volunteering, come to as many events as much as possible… You name it, we were there as parents first. 

2. When family or friends came to visit, they could spend long days with me- instead of me away at work!
3. Chalene Johnson of TurboFire, Tony Horton of P90x, and all other celebrity trainers that I have met, worked out and mingled with… are just too sweet down to earth people that are also committed, dedicated and successful.     
4. I started to shift my focus to ORGANIC and GMO-free eating lifestyle with inspiration from other Coaches and increasing consciousness of our body mind and soul. This is really helpful with my daughters health and my husband's.  

5. I paid off my car payments and paid down my CreditCard debts all while being on my own schedule with my family without trying to beg a boss to let me go for a dental appt.  Trust me, I have way too many appointments!! 
6. Learned this key word: ACCOUNTABILITY  (look it up and use that to the MAX) 
7. It is okay to get into social media. I did not like it at first but I just love the information sharing especially from positive people.  Right now, I use it to share with the people that can grow to appreciate the tools and support! 

8. Became more confident friend, wife, mother and community member!  Beachbody is a strong believer of encouraging personal development so not only I pushed myself forward to embrace their tools but now any obstacle is okay with me because I am better prepared to deal with them.  
9. Create Goals!  I used to not have any "goals."  I now, am proud to say that I have and love making new GOALS! 
10. Maiyalene became 1 year old, took her first steps, signed her first words and sentences, and now learning the red tape around her older sister, Magdalene who I also got to watch grow from 3 years old to 5 years old!!  
11. This may be silly but I was able to buy the newest generations of iPhones so I can take zillions photos of my family and communicate with my coaches to continue motivating for their health or business- instrumental tools to social media.  
12. My husband went through the Ultimate Reset program and is eating CLEAN.  This makes me tear up so often because I know that his family has heart issues, cholesterol issues, etc.  I have inspired him to pay attention and make changes at this age instead of us trying to fix this after maybe a heart attack!   
13. Each of my coach has success stories to tell and each are equally important to #12 on this list!   I can easily bawl about this but I am not going to waste any more tissues but keep on inspiring more people to get over to my Facebook page, website and keep following me for all the stories to be shared in the years ahead.  Yes- some stories are in the making and some take years! It is a lifestyle change, so you basically don't stop.      These photos areJUST ONE of MANY friends that I have been supporting as a coach.  It takes TIME which is WHY I am in this for the LONG TERM!   People need time to practice becoming healthier and then be reminded again and again as long as they LIVE! 
14. Disney World at Orlando!!! Las Vegas!!! oh and Dana Point Beach…  many more vacations to come!   Mainly excited about a full week at Disney World in Florida that will be happening in March 2013 paid by Beachbody. Yes- FREE Disney World Trip for my two children.   Before Beachbody, I honestly do not think I would taking my children to any Disney attractions because I simply think its silly to spend so much money there... but if you were offered a chance to go there all expenses paid ? I grabbed this opportunity and what's more- I loved what I was doing so it wasn't a "chore" to reach that goal. Again, check #9 on this list. 
My love for this work comes mostly from the people I interact with everyday.  I would hear people tell me stories of their progress and then mention that I inspired them.  I used to think its tacky to tell other people those kind of things but I absolutely love sharing personal stories because all of the support that comes once you share.    On many days, I would think about some of the customers or coaches that I worked with and wonder how they were doing. Even after 16-20 months of eating clean, staying active, drinking Shakeology… they seem to be doing well but I still send them a greeting to check in and then getting flooded about their stories of successes.   The stories always make me proud all over again for being there, being consistent with my health so that people can continue to stay inspired and this is a good reminder that health is simply a solid factor to all of my other successes. 
THANK YOU dearly for reading, watching, motivating and supporting my team including myself with what we do for the world. 
WIth this long two-year anniversary blog, I think I would like wrap this up with a quote-
SUCCESS isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it is about what you inspire others to do. 

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