Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 1 of The Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox

I always thought I had something like diabetes. My blood sugar crashes so often and I d need to eat something so often to prevent this.  Normal?   This is a whole another blog post.   Just wanted to talk about my first day of detox and a bit about why I am doing this.
We all need to refocus and learn about our bodies every once a while because we change with time. It is called aging.  I am first to admit it.   Ever since I was a little girl, I d always want to be a year older but what heck was I thinking?   I am a year younger because currently, I am getting healthier as you read this.  This might not make sense to you but in the last few years, I have been really studying the science of my body and how it works. 

Understanding my body and how it reacts to sugar is one hard task to take on because I am cursed with a sweet tooth.  I would look at people who take a bite of a chocolate fudge covered brownie and say, THIS IS RICH! I can ONLY TAKE ONE BITE.       I would take their piece and eat it as my second because its not rich to me.   
Watching my kids develop this kind of behavior have gotten me sick to my stomach with my own behavior.  
Speaking of kids, I have been breastfeeding for the last 6 and something years and would not be finished until my current toddler says so.  Breastfeeding gets me hungry at all hours of the day and NIGHT.    When my toddler was a baby, she would eat a lot during the nights so I would wake up starving at 2am. I would go into the kitchen and eat whatever is available.  It was okay because my body needed the fuel. 
Habits die hard. I am walking in the kitchen frequently as she nurses less and less.   Habits are developed. 
I need to unlearn because my body doesnt need em anymore. 
More about my thoughts later. I wanted to mention that the first day of this detox had me very FULL and satisfied all day long.  I tried to eat seconds and more to make sure I am FULL enough not to crave anything. I dont want to mess up this detox because I really want to damage my sweettooth and teach my kids not to ever develop em under my roof and beyond! 
Observation of the day was that I didnt feel like drinking water. I didnt need water at all until around 830pm which was really crazy for I am always drinking a gallon a day. Just ask my husband! (I say this often because... well he is my husband and my best friend.) 
Health is a practice. We do it everyday. And then again. 
(Where are the food photos and the cooking videos?)   
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