Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 13 of the Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox

“Small life changes equal big results.”
This is my 13th day of “The 21 Day Sugar Detox.”
I’m feeling great- feeling fine with some adjustments in my habits, here and there. It is clear that this is not a big life changing habit as I eat pretty healthy in general, but it is still a small change I can do for myself and modify around so I can maintain my habit beyond the 21 day phase.
Here are the highlights of my progress so far: -Identifying food triggers. They are the kind of food that will make me want to over eat more than necessary. For example- cashews is one of my triggers. Once I pop them in then I always eat more and more. There is something sweetish-tasty in it. That also goes the same for peanuts too. But I am not supposed to eat peanuts because they have aflatoxins (it’s vulnerable to mold) so they can create toxins in the body and that will make your body to overwork. It is a very sad fact about peanuts- as it’s popularly cheap and delicious… but I have been cutting back on peanuts gradually based on the knowledge of the peanuts so it doesn’t feel too overwhelmingly hard to quit.
-Hungry response. With the detox, I have noticed that I am not quick to respond to my hunger. From the book, there is a term called, “hangry.” I used to be “hangry,” being irritated and annoyed, but right now I am really appreciating the change that I am able to start prep and cook without having to eat whatever is in front of me peacefully.
-Leftovers! I have not been posting pictures of my meals a lot lately because of leftovers! This detox plan is really great for people who have a BUSY lifestyle- with PLENTY of leftovers, you will be less likely to fall off track. I have not been bored with leftovers as I have to be wise and creative by rotating my leftovers on different days so it still gives me the feel of variety. “Variety is the spice of life!”
-Remembering my purpose of doing this. In the middle of my busy family, work and life, I ask myself, “What is my purpose of doing this 21 day sugar detox?” So I looked up at the book again and it has reminded and reaffirmed my reasons to do it. The facts and information is so right on! It is also a time of refocusing on why I want to make this work. It is good to read it on a regular basis like monthly, just to keep yourself aware of the choices you make and why you started in first place.
Now it is my current goal is to work on portion control. I am not a person of counting calories, as it is not my style. I don’t pay attention to how much I eat especially when I am highly active, but I am dealing with an injury (bone spur on my foot) right now. So I am taking it easy, being less active to reduce the possibility of damaging my foot even more- so I would like to work on my portion control more if I am not being so active on some days. I also look forward to the new release of “21 Day Fix with Autumn” from Beachbody where its program also focus on portion control… They have boxes ready for you to prep your meals in it- whereas you would not need to count calories so I feel it is a good time for me to learn about portion control.
This new habit is highly addictive, but rewarding in the long run. It is better than having bad habits especially when it’s so easily accessible in order to continue bad habits while good habits are a lot more challenging. It is always known that bad habits will lead to poor results. Suppose if you’re 30 years old now, and still keep the bad habits for another 30 years, at the age of 60, what do you think you will end up like? That is definitely something to think about!

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