Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 2 of the Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox

Is there such an issue from eating a bit too much broccoli? Plenty of em coming from my kids lunch boxes after school. I had my own for lunch and then theirs. I truly loved how I felt today. No CRAVINGS at all. I had no maple syrup the whole day. Had honey in my bulletproof coffee though because 1. It tastes good and 2. I am trying to keep a sore throat away. Why did it almost come anyway? I thought I was healthy enough.   Today was a much better water drinking day! 
Is it because I stayed home the whole day?   Yep. This is one of the biggest secrets of cleaning up your act.  Stay home. Just stay home.   What you don’t know, walk by, be offered, see or drive by, doesn’t hurt you.  I ate breakfast of leftovers and then again for lunch. Forgot to take my before stats and photos. Do that and learn about the HIDE feature in your iPhoto so that nobody sees them.  They are important. I should take my "after" stats before I go to a cookie party on the 20th day of the 21 day sugar detox.  Maybe I should not go?  

Snacks were leftovers too! Salmon & broccoli and leftover green apples. Thanks to my little kids.  Being healthy is pretty cheap on days like this. Instead of real foods, they insisted on eating bananas. More than 3 a day.   At least I swapped some almond butter on one as a healthy filler.    Dessert will be of leftover of what I had for dessert yesterday. Droolworthy photo on www.instagram.com/pearleneutley.  
LesMills Pump workout at 5am surely helped with boosting my energy all day long. I would probably have skipped this workout if not for my buddy that came over.   There are angels that knock at your door this early every day. Such an accountability angel, you can call her.  Now, only if she is a blogger too.
Speaking of angels, December is truly here! I picked this month out of all months to do a 21 day sugar detox after living the paleo lifestyle for more than 6 months and truly healthy gluten free whole foods organic nongmo lifestyle for few years.  December is my favorite month to do detoxes. Last year, I did the Ultimate Reset and now this.  I just think that it’s harder to detox during the spring/summer when all the fruits and other yummy seasonal produce are screaming for smoothies and the heat and LONG DAYS that makes you tired and hungry.  I was talking about angels.... we need to buy an angel or a star for our Christmas tree.  I will look them up after this blog is posted but if I forget, I will ask my daughter to make one from construction paper.   I think I will just do that because I already spent so much money on their Christmas gifts. 
So December is my month, lets see what we do next year to clean up a new act and develop a new habit. If you have ideas, do spill. I am so excited about this month because aside from food, my heel is finally feeling better. Plantar drama is going away just in time for our Holiday Lights walks. Sacramento has beautiful tours that we are going to explore on our stayacation.   My toddlers have become walkers. No stroller duty assigned. No more whiny babies that want to walk with their socks and gloves OFF in the cold winter nights. It is like they just did p90x5 and need refreshing cold air to cool down?    
December is here. Just a beautiful month filled with warm and cozy sales, snuggling and sniffs. January will come and I will not make any new resolutions except for doing a complete p90x3 program while coaching my BETA test group. Cant wait to have Tony Horton here again, I was going to say.. To hear him again but I am Deaf, ASL user so to catch his humor with captions/subtitles will be just as hilarious as catching Jay Leno at midnight.  Can somebody confirm with me that Jay Leno have done a Beachbody workout program? I would love to become his coach.
After this post, I am off to write in my journal & Erin Condren Planner and talk to my 21 Day Sugar Detox accountability buddies in my facebook group. Let me know if you are starting or considering doing the detox! I can chitchat about this all day long on social media once my kids are fast asleep and I have set up the Elf on the Shelf. 

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