Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 3-6 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox

Day 3-6 have been good. Don't I always say that things are good. 
I had to remind myself often that a detox means there are no free bites. I cant even afford free bites because with my plantar/heel spur injury, I am not using as much energy so I don't really need to eat all those carbs.  Give and take. I need to repeat this 100 times and make it a song. Give the free bites to the dog. They will love em so much. Give them the extra avocado! Dogs need guacamole! 

Let's talk about meal times.  Everybody is hungry at different times. My husband likes to eat late dinners so at around 5pm, we would eat ours and then at 730pm, he would warm up the whole house with a wonderful scent that is harmful to my tastebuds because then I wouldnt be that hungry but the smell.  This goes on for all times of the day which makes our kitchen most used room of the house. Them eating. Me cleaning.   Ok- let's eat out so we all eat at the same time! 
Last week have been weird for me because there are so much good leftovers that I am getting tired of. My family doesnt eat leftovers. They just leave em over to me. So much for trying to make leftovers to save money. This goes on and on. Never ends.  Maybe, we need to stop shopping at Costco. 
Many of you have send me messages to ask about the book vs ebook so here are some of my answers.   See links to the amazon store I proudly own now.  Referring only the things I love because I love sharing what helps and what may help you as well. 
5 Reasons why you should buy The 21 Day Sugar Detox book instead of an ebook. 
1. The book has a meal plan that you can follow. There is a meal plan for each level of this detox you want to do. 
2. The Book has modification ideas for different kinds of allergies and any other needs such as athletes need for more fuel or if you have autoimmune issues.
3. Very light and easy to carry around. 
4. You can tear out pages and put in sheet protectors so you can get all messy in the kitchen. I tried using a whole book with the Practical Paleo but failed to keep it clean so I decided to tear out all the pages.  When I need a recipe, I just pull out one protected sheet and put it up on kitchen wall and try to cook a successful meal. Way to go, me?  
5. Battery doesnt die or your ipad/kindle doesnt get hidden by the kids. In my case, I always forget where I put my ipad so ebooks wouldnt do for this family. 

w we first transformed ourselves into the way we eat now. Living Paleo have helped my family so much but I have read so much about the other lifestyles that I cannot just say this is the best diet.  Everybody has different factors to eat the way they do. I fully respect that and I am just promoting each of you to just focus on improving your health a bit each day. If you want to focus on healing your gut, for a healthier immune system, this book has a great yet SIMPLE section explaining this in the beginning.  I dont need too much science in my life so this book have helped me answer questions without confusion.   If you click on this link, you will be led to the book that may change your health for the better even if you think you are already healthy. 

What is your source of sugar for TODAY? No, you can't take my children!

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