Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eating out during an Ultimate Reset

Eating out? Fatchance. Try to make your own meals but if you have to eat out, ask for grilled vegetables, fresh fruits or go to Chipotle and get a bowl. NO SOURCREAM. NO CHEESE. NO MEAT.    Pure vegetables, lettuce, salsa and beans.   You will feel CLEAN and PROUD. Go back home. 
Now the best alternative to eating out, is to hit a store like Whole Foods Market, most grocery stores or a health foods coop. 
On the first day of Ultimate Reset, I had to be out of town for an event so when we woke up, we drove over to Whole Foods market. Their deli was pretty much ALIVE by 7am!!!  EARLYBIRD just like me!!!  They had all those different things that I can put together for day's meals without cooking or washing dishes! This is a treat!   I have taken my family to stores that has the delis many times instead of eating out because my daughter has many allergies and I usually craved for something different than the husband so this solves all of our problems.  
I started this on the first day of the month so it would be easier to follow, on the 7th day of the month, I am on 7th day of Ultimate Reset. Neat numbering. You can start anytime though. Anytime soon is better, your health doesnt wait. Habits creep on and becomes really STICKY the longer you let them. 
A bunch of greens to choose from! Lightweight. (They charge by the pound so be sure to stock up on greens.) 
A bunch of cooked vegetables to add to eggs to make your breakfast balanced.  I threw some in my lunch salad as well. 
Beets, Kale and bunch of fruits precut.  All Ultimate Reset friendly. This is such a TREAT! 
APPROVED foods! Just listen to your body and fetch what you need for your meals. Gorgeous! b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0167.JPG
This is what I got for my first day of Ultimate Reset breakfast. 
Special kind of water to celebrate the Kick off of www.walkforasl.com
I make it a goal to drink one full gallon a day to help with keeping the headaches and aches away during the detox. It helps ALOT.  Good time for the toilet paper sale that I scored the other day. See my other blog post about grocery shopping for this cleanse! 
Supplements remembered, starving by noon but solutions were all around! My friend is not on the Ultimate Reset but is eating sorta healthy with her sweet potato tortilla chips.  My salad was very satisfying because I made sure it is balanced with everything I needed. If you are starving after a salad, your salad must be made wrongly. Please contact me for help!!!! 
See that smile up here? That is me being proud of myself and naturally happy from my pretty healthy habits in effect from my last round of Ultimate Reset last year. If you watched my videos and read my other tidbits, you will see how my first round made a huge impact on my habits even though I thought I was pretty healthy already. I want to share that with you, please contact me for prices and information on how to buy from my store. 
Again? Yes I am doing it again and plan to do it routinely to keep the bad habits from creeping up and sticking on me. Habits has its own magic but I am safe with Ultimate Reset!  
I posted a tip in my other blog about how you can grab something from the store and combine it with something from the deli to make a good meal or two that will make me proud. Let me know what you did that will be impressive to your internal health at Facebook andInstagram.com/PearleneUtley 

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