Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Use Instagram

Repost from 2013

Instagram is way different from any other social medias. It is really hard to explain but the more you learn how to use it, it can be very beneficial.  Here, I just want to share some of Instagram rules that I made up for myself because I am enjoy Instagram. I would love to hear your rules and how you use instagram.

Here are my rules to inspire you to put your Instagram time to better use. If you have different rules, that is the beauty of being YOU and I probably am still following you. :) 

1. Post stuff that will inspire or makes others happy, not in a weird way, please! Be WEIRD but not that weird.

2. Do not post anything that shows your private parts. Or even hints of anybody or yours.

3. Do not post drugs of any kind including PILLS. I would like to scroll through happiness photos with my daughters and call it productive bonding time where we go through photos and point out fun, productive or sweet stories.

4. Post things that you are passionate about. Or your milestones.

5. If you are selling something, SURE! Post it. I dont want to walk or drive to a store, window shopping on IG is cool. Again, my daughters and I enjoy window shopping together. Just dont do it 10x a day.

6. HELLO MY NAME is… instead of masking yourself. I have been unfollowing hundreds of people because there are no names OR photos of YOU. See next rule.  

7. If I want to read about a topic, like see some food porn, I will just go over to hashtags and look at the hundreds of photos without having to FOLLOW every single person that has a food porn account. LOL   

8. Please dont post 10 photos that are similar to each others in a row. My wrist s getting carpal drama but I just cant give up Instagram.  AutoScroll, anybody?

9. Videos are OK OK because sometimes I am in a place that doesn’t have good internet coverage, I will just skip watching your video. Make it an occasion. Unless you have a rocking account where you post videos that you know people will actually go back to view your videos when we are in better coverage.  Just think twice before posting instagram videos.

10. Read up Instagram rules every once a while, learn about its updates and use it to interact.

11. Do not forget to put your device down and enjoy the holidays of LIFE and that includes bedtime. Get your 8 hours of sleep.  Yea, I used to sleep 6 hours so I could read up some news on the instagram for an hour and then another hour in the morning. This is going to be continued through 2014 as my new years resolution. Unless they come up with something new like usual.

Find me at Let me know yours so I can follow you if you follow those rules. :) Ok, I am just kidding! 


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