Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Year, Journey Continues

As I approach 2015, I thought it would be fun to look up my personal purchases from beachbody since 2010. I am not just a coach but a HUGE fan on 5th year strong practicing fitness and health with solely beachbody programs.  I am feeling all sentimental right now so enjoy reading as I go down the memory lane quickly and invite you to join me!

I am all for beauty of every size but this photo is exactly how my body and activity level transformed over the first year as a BB fan and I am still all for 30 minutes to 1 hour of workout each day for life is to be liven. I am not a professional athlete or a model at all. I don't care what shape or size anybody is as long as they are feeling good with their activity & self care focus. 

GYM was out of the picture, I am not tugging my little ones to the gym that doesnt have my favorite programs… they do not offer guidance on nutrition .. the daycare workers do not know ASL to take care of my kids… Gym was expensive and gas/driving time had me up the wall. I tried because it was the norm.

Working out was always an effort coming out of my hopes to feel better before I discovered beachbody however it wasnt the answer. Before BB, I had no idea what an at home workout program would consist but I took the plunge.. There were no challenge/support groups when I started so while I was coaching people individually, they came up with this as an idea and I POUNCED at the opportunity to hold others and myself accountable and am still starting new ones because they matter to many others like myself.     I had no idea how Shakeology would kick my focus onto healthier eating and I solved many of my health issues that I thought was NORMAL before then!  Thanks!!! (Just being overly grateful right now!!!)

Nutrition programs that came with the workout programs, other coaches and support groups like the one I am holding in January. You are invited to this because I am A HUGE BELIEVER and want you to find out WHY! It takes ONLY YOU to tango your tools.

My purchases... (all below altogether was CHEAPER and CHEAPER than if I was a member at a gym and I am able to reuse all of them or share with family and friends!)

21 Day Fix, Turbofire, t25, PIYO, Chalean Extreme, BodyBeast, Lesmills Pump, Lesmills Combat, TaiCheng, Insanity Max 30, p90x, p90x3, Asylum, Shakeology, 3 day refresh, Ultimate Reset was a mindblowing lifechanger for our clean eating habits, Energy and Endurance, Recovery and Result, Vitamins, Rocking Body, TurboJam, HipHop abs, and more.

They were all 25% off with my coach discount and they all are still being used!!! Just this morning, I wanted to do some yoga but got frustrated at lack of captioning on yoga programs on netflix and hulu plus so I went to my programs in my BIG book of dvds and discovered that almost every program I bought came with a yoga or stretching dvd.  Each workout does have a 10 minute stretch but also, there were full yoga or stretching workouts so I was in heaven this morning doing yoga with Tony Horton with captioning on full blast!

Over the years, I had injuries, conflicts in space as we moved around, traveled all over, and long list of excuses were there but with beachbody owning my back-- I took good care of myself and again, I am grateful for the fact a workout dvd was able to get me working out in a closet sized space every now and then and still BOOSTED my brain cells into better places each day!

After OFF days such as holidays or vacations, I truly do get into touch with my SUPER FOODIE SELF and get back to my clean eats afterwards. It's the coming back to normalcy every chance I get, that counts towards my continuing success.

Ignoring sedentary people who would send me info on why exercise is bad (rolling my eyes) or try to feed me bad foods without intention... I google up ways on how to confront them nicely and get back to what works for me because only I take care of myself! If there are people who can eat hotdogs and pizza all day long, I consider them awesome as long as I dont carbon copy the habits because that would just make my body a bitter n grumpy n aching one visiting my doctor with negative outlook on life. Fitness and nutrition is a lifesaver in more ways than I originally thought.

I pushed myself to press PLAY because I am a believer in a proven selfcare system in the fitness and nutrition aspect. I loved the workout calendar, nutrition guide to refresh myself every program I buy, people to motivate me, familiar and new faces among my team and more.   The only way it wont work is if you dont follow along the fitness+nutrition+accountability equation.    
Personally, I LOVE giving people the push to give this a try because nobody gave me the push back then and I wanted to give you this gift that keeps on giving and I am a 5th year living proof that beachbody works.

Did I inspire you? I really HOPE you get in for a good old honest change where you use your ENERGY towards challenges of each program to come to your fitness & nutrition library!

NEW YEAR---Good olde you healthier for life!

New small accountability group--- ONLY 5 allowed!

Send me an inbox here on Facebook n tell me about yourself and I ll get you started with proper tools.  

I am positive that you will be typing something like this 5 years later… consistency is cool!

Share this with somebody and you will never know what kind of gift you are giving!!!

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