Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh My Sacramento!

Every walk you take is a risk taking adventure… when you have plantar fascia!  Actually, because there are dogs on the loose that might turn your walk into a Championship Track Meet Race.  So being a mother, in a beautiful town like Sacramento is making my plantar fascia take forever to heal because there are so many opportunities to take a walk. I moved to Hollywood Park, near William Land Park so I am cursed with many strolls that is preventing me from ever wanting to move out of town!  Around 11 years ago, my husband and I moved here thinking we would be in and OUT but after a short while, we, newly parents, got hooked to Sacramento.

And because my Deaf kids, 6 and 3 years olds, are extremely wild and taking them on walks helps a bit but then again, this can turn into a full intensity run.  Being Deaf doesn't make them more wild, it is just them energy and probably because the oldest one has RED hair and her energy feeds off the younger one.  Never mind this. I think I should mention that this capital of California is full of playground opportunities too. 
Just be sure to know the parking situation before you go to any playground. You will also need to know if they have bathrooms. This is important if you are a parent that just do not carry extra clothes in the trunk. I am a minimalist.
WilliamLand Park Playground
Sacramento is a great place for mothers like me because of all the great coffee going on. People take coffee seriously here. We got to take care of the whole state of California, right? Lots of coffee for us. This is like glue for our residency in Sacramento and you know how good coffee causes good blogs so when you read some of my better blogs, you know why.    

Temple Coffee

Where do you buy your coffee? Where do you take your kids for walks? Where do take them to play?   

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