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Peanut Allergy Chaos but FILLED with LOVE

I know… I didnt blog during the summer because there were so many fitness tips being blogged so if you are looking for inspiration, scroll down through all the old posts here. Feel free to share!!! Gotta inspire the whole world with tidbits!

PEANUT ALLERGY ALERT! Crazy days got my heart up in my THROAT and made it stay there for days! This caused stress zits on my face which is probaby why I didnt take many selfies or do videos for my team! LOL.

I can blog about everything that happened to us in the last few months because I feel a need to share my experience to gather stories and wisdom from others. This is my way of journalizing interactively but first, a peanutty blog.

Allrighty, my 7 years old Deaf daughter is allergic to peanuts and I didnt notice it until something was a LITTLE off. A mama knows what I mean!   I noticed some redness in her eyes, little itchy rash here and there. Sneezing but not bad enough for me to WORRY so I asked for an allergy test. The doctor gave her a blood test that says she is allergic to peanuts and few other things. Later, she got another kind of test saying she doesnt have peanut allergy. CRAP. Dont believe those stuff or at least, dont TEST peanuts to see if she s allergic. Once a test says or once there are reactions, DO NOT give peanuts to kids or any persons at all. Curiosity harms or murders.

At that time, I was not very aware of how deadly and RISKY peanut allergies are until I heard about a local child that also has red hair died from a quick taste (not eating) a rice krispy that was apparently made with peanut butter without the family’s knowledge. The girl decided to let her mom know that she think that the treat has peanut butter and decided not to eat it. Few minutes later, she DIED! I went to the peanut awareness walk to honor this girl and found out that she is also Deaf but more likely hard of hearing or NON ASL user. At that event, I asked around about the allergy. Boy, it is a whole new world for me as a mother with the BIGGEST DUTY of protecting my girl for selfish reasons… of having this lovely burst of energetic Magda keep my HEART filled for long as I live.

Peanut has 5 proteins and they are supposed to test for every protein. The allergy tests out there that doctors give you doesnt test for all 5 proteins! This is what my problem is!   My other problem is that if you dont show allergy reactions, you might develop allergy and over time, if you do eat peanut at an occasion, you might react a bit or die.   If you didnt die, your reaction will WORSEN over time. This allergy develops.

Anyway, I had my first SCARE with my 7 years old recently. My husband bought bananas that are covered with dark chocolate as a family treat.   I looked at the box and saw an advertisement for another flavor that the company also serves. Peanut butter icecream.   I quickly checked to see if the one Darrell picked out isnt that one.   Gave it to Magda and she didnt want to eat the banana part but the chocolate part only. KIDS!

20 minutes later, HUGE hive came onto her inner thigh and I freaked out but it was her bed time and she fell asleep. I went back to the box.

  1. May contain traces of peanuts.
  2. Made with Peanut Oil.
  3. Made in same facility with peanuts for other flavors


Doctor took a look and suggested 3 medications.   One to stop the reaction from building up.
I was expecting them to give it to her RIGHT AWAY but no… we waited for over an hour to get it.   I was really mad because if you know about peanut allergies, every second counts which is why we carry epipens but why didnt the doctor/nurses give her something RIGHT AWAY.

I watched for a LONG time, the nurse walking around taking her sweet time putting things away, setting up medications for Magda but then stopping to have conversations with other people in the hallway. I prayed for Magda to be safe and the peanuts not to develop and shut down her organs while I am holding her. PARANOID mama but boy, was I mad.

Anger didn't last because my baby turned out okay. The rash did not develop.

THe following morning, I went to her school cafeteria to make sure they know not to have peanuts around her at all.

Found out that the school serves peanut butter sandwiches after my assumption of the school being nut free! GO figures for a school that is still in the dark age.   I begged the cafeteria not to serve peanut butter to the elementary at least. No luck so I send an email to the superintendent of the school and demanded the school to go nutfree to be on par with other schools nationwide.

The nutritional director of the school wasnt exactly happy about this change. My mama heart says TOO BAD. I would prefer this change to happen than to SUE the school for something that happens to any kids that may or does have the allergy.

If they wouldnt change, I take my kid out of the school! I cannot stand having my stomach in knots during lunch time or their snack time knowing the kids has peanuts or peanut butter sandwiches getting their hands plastered in peanuts and then their hands TOUCH my kids lunch box? spoon? napkins? and my Magda takes a lick.   MAMA bear in full MODE!

Got her peanut allergy bracelets to make sure more people around her are aware and the kids around her are learning about this type of allergen.

A young kid walked up to my husband and me and asked about her allergy. My husband and I find it very inspiring to explain allergens to kids. How some bodies cant handle some foods and how intolerance vs allergens are like.   OH if you could see the worried faces of those little cute kids!!!!   My heart!!!

Journey continues but we are not eating out as often as before because we dont trust restaurants. We used to let it slide by and try to be careful at restaurants but just realized that it is not worth the risk.  Our Magda is worth every sacrifice and discomfort of trying to demand safety from her school or any adults around her who may have an emotional attachment to peanut butter.   (I KNOW… I wish I could still eat peanut flour and not worry about kissing her but now, with more awareness. I am not allowing one bit of peanut in myself in worries of having any peanut breath going onto my baby when I kiss or sleep with my babies!)

If you are thinking... I can feed my kids nuts if I want to... consider sleepovers or birthday or classroom parties. This is why I don't allow my daughter go out to sleep at somebody else s house.  You will never know who else in their family or friends that may stop by the house while my daughter is there, who doesn't know about the allergy and touch my kid. If anybody invites us, I usually send everybody a message not to bring a potluck that includes nuts/peanuts. (Why nuts? Many nuts companies doesn't use a peanut free facility.) 

Here are ingredients you should look out for. Posting this to educate. 

Now, a fun simple recipe for you from me!  

Easy duplicatable!
I am in LOVE with organic tuscan kale from traders joe. I just adore how I can get to try little things from traders as long they are organic because they are not crazy expensive and traders usually sell what is demanded by people therefore, if its on the shelf, it must be something I shall TRY. After my move here from norcal, I have discovered that its hard surviving without an organic coop like the one in Sacramento. More about the move in another blog.
I posted a photo on my Instagram (subscribe if you enjoy instagram,) the other day of my chopped goods ready to be sauteed with some tomatoes. Celery, tuscan kale, mushrooms!!!! CHOP. Sautee in tomatoes and its juice! Season with your creativity. Use in an omelette or on top of your carbs! in my case, I love it on top of sweet potatoes and my protein of choice!
Staples like those vegetables make it easy to whip up something quick thats healthy and filling! I know there are MILLION of excuses about why its ok to eat bad but in my other blog about the move here, I explain how I remain with my promise of filling myself with VEGETABLES and whatever you call healthy.

So, now you know a bit more about peanuts. If you want to learn about why they are so full of toxins and how they may be impacting you even if you are NOT allergic, go to this article to read the reasons!

Peanuts are Strong Allergens

The peanut allergy epidemic is everywhere. Almost every other child is allergic to peanuts. This is because peanuts are also listed as one of the most common food allergies for humans. They  contain several proteins not found in most other foods.  So when a person’s immune system identifies these certain proteins contained in peanuts as a potential threat it produces antibodies to counter the perceived danger to the body.   This is how peanuts cause allergic reactions.

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