Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personal Testimony having Pearlene as a Coach

b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2014-11-04-at-8.46.00-AM.pngI am a shakeology junkie. I love the drink and have it every morning.  It fuels my soul and body with the essential nutrients from the earth and this is a fact I discovered while researching protein drinks online before purchasing shakeology. 
I was a dissatisfied customer with the protein drink I was using.
The taste was mediocre and it didn't really make me feel that much better. And it was expensive. 
Pearlene had introduced me to shakeology but I was skeptical. I already had my drink. I wasn't sure the change would be worth it. Change is an interesting phenomenon, often we resist what we need just because it is new, regardless of the benefit. 
But I was curious and Pearlene's Facebook postings were continually intriguing.  She was so happy. Her children and husband were so healthy.
Her skin so vibrant.  Her smile so bright.
Her children happily drinking this shakeology. .. I had to try it. 
I contacted Pearlene and she answered right away.  Immediately she helped me maneuver through the Beachbody website.  I am not technologically savy so her clear explanation helped ease me into the website world of Beachbody. There I discovered a world of excerise and ways to do it. I love Piyo!
That night Pearlene gave her time and attention. She helped me secure an order of shakeology.  I ordered the sample box with all the flavors 
While waiting for the box to arrive I did some research on my own. I landed on Dr. Deepok Chopra's website.  He listed the 10 most essential nutrients in the world for optimum health for the humam body. CHOCOLATE SHAKEOLOGY HAS 9 OUT OF 10!
I didn't need to look any further and I am still loving every mouthful!
I was a long distance runner but after many marathons and numerous 1/2 marathons my knee won't let me run any more. I have an excerise routine and it is easy to forego it just because life gets in the way. Pearlene is the first to say " Stop, life is taking care of you by you taking care of yourself.  Now get going and excerise! !"
Pearlene is a constant enthusiast.
She challenges me to be my best self by eating right and to excerise daily. 
Her positive outlook helps me stay positive. Her honesty helps me know I am not alone with my crazy thoughts. 
Beachbody has a winner of a coach with Pearlene. 
Her dedication is contagious and her smile says it all.
Tracy Brennan-Spalding

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