Tuesday, December 16, 2014

PIYO at the GYM

My favorite class to attend when I get to go to a gym is now the PiYo class. I usually do not go to the gym because I love working out at home to my Beachbody programs as they are strategically put together to create effective results in less than an hour. No driving, parking, packing, or forgetting to put on sports bra. The list goes on!  When I eventually do go to the gym, it means that I must have a very good reason. 
What is PiYo? It is not a sound a bird makes to us, fitness maniacs! PiYo is like Pilates and Yoga on caffeine. 
PiYo is a class that have surprised me at how unbalanced, inflexible and weak my body is!  I know you may think I am crazy for thinking I am weak but during this class, I always find myself struggling to do some certain stretching poses. 
PiYo Strength is actually the perfect fusion of sports training, core conditioning, and athletic drills with a foundation in Yoga and Pilates that will help kick up the calorie burn, build muscle, and TRANSFORM your body. The dynamic blend of movement increases strength, core stability, flexibility, and agility.  Class will end with a short, well deserved relaxation to help calm your mind and reduce stress. 
For some people, slow paced workouts may be hard to stick all the way through.  PiYo helps me get my yoga fix at a faster pace because I am not "mind and body" girl.  I enjoy energetic workouts and to my surprise, many men attend this class. When I do this workout, I always think about how my husband would appreciate the stretching and movements.  All levels of fitness, from pregnant women, people who are recovering from injuries or people who are starting out to exercise, all will benefit from PiYo. Basically anybody will be sure to enjoy giving this class a try at a local gym. Many gyms give out free few days passes. 
Also, I want to add that creators of PiYo have just merged with Beachbody. As you may know, I am a Beachbody Coach, and am proud that Beachbody is responsible for PiYo and other fun classes that you may be taking at your gym! Example of other classes include, TurboKick, LesMills, P90x, Insanity and many more coming your way! 
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