Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Published Article about My Story

Signs of Success:
Using Perseverance & Leadership to Conquer Challenges

 Pearlene Utley is living proof that no matter what challenges you face, you can still transform your life and achieve the things that matter most. Pearlene has had her challenges. She’s a working mom. Her boss didn’t understand her priorities as a parent. She had a lifelong weight problem. And, there was something else.
“I’m Deaf.”
Through her inner-strength, Pearlene never let her disability hold her back in any way. In fact, it was through her goal of getting fit and healthy after having kids that Pearlene learned about Beachbody.

Captioning leads to fitness
“In workout classes, it was hard to follow the instructor because I couldn’t hear them. When I discovered that DVDs from Beachbody had a captioning─BOOM, it meant access to information! I learned so much about the proper moves, forms, and more. Finally, I felt the burn in new places of my body and moved my health to new places.” After her caption discovery, she learned about another Beachbody product.
“People on Twitter were raving about Shakeology,” she says. “So I asked one of the Coaches to send me a sample. That’s when I realized a meal replacement shake can be healthy and not full of artificial ingredients. From that moment, I was hooked!”
Pearlene signed up as a Coach, but didn’t put a lot of effort into her business right away. She recalls, “I was busy with two small children, but when people started noticing how healthy I was getting, they began to ask questions about Shakeology. I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to help them become healthier. I guess you could say I gradually grew into Coaching, when I had a few minutes of free time during the kids’ naps.”  
Growing her bank account and freedom
“I was expecting to just cover my own Shakeology and be in shape and definitely am. But I’m shocked at how I’m being rewarded with paychecks that are bigger than what I’ve earned in all of my past jobs. Financially, Beachbody is really paying the bills, including my latest root canal bill, which is perfectly okay with me. Ha ha!” In addition to the financial increases, there are other positive changes for her family.
“Now, I get to decide if I can attend my child’s school events at 9am instead of begging my boss who doesn’t have a kid and understand how important being at a child’s school event is. And I can’t believe that I get to control my schedule according to my priorities.” Becoming a Team Beachbody Coach has also changed her outlook on life.
“With me being a more positive person, my family and I are making progress with any challenges and it’s easier to decide what our priorities are. We recover from hard times much easier now.” So how does Pearlene grow her business so well?
She learned to get creative
 Especially with Social Media. She breaks the silence barrier through the internet, over emails, aim, texts, and many more modes to grow her business. She never ceases to reach out and consistently incorporates technology into her business model. But her success is even more than that.
“Getting fit with Beachbody gave me a new sense of confidence. It’s helped me focus on life and what matters the most. I’ve learned how to communicate with others about my needs without offending them. Now, I’m proud to want to exercise instead of being ashamed of it. I was once an anorexic so eating and exercising in the public is a breakthrough for me.”
Leading & helping people heal
“Fitness and nutrition heal people, and helping people is what gives me purpose every day. I’ve learned if somebody is injured and can’t exercise, they can still be your best customer. They don’t take their health for granted. Usually, they’re very passionate about helping others and themselves.”
And Pearlene realized her family needed healing, too. “My dad watched me ramble on about Shakeology for months before he tried it. Now, he loves how he feels.” She adds, “My dad’s transformation taught me that people who may benefit from Beachbody are right under my nose!” 

Being deaf doesn’t have to be a barrier  
“It’s part of my hereditary pride. My family is carrying 8 Deaf generations so naturally, I find myself reaching out to them.” But for Pearlene, it’s all about the sharing.  
“The more I share, the more I unintentionally inspire others and they inspire me. And because of this, the last two years have been the BEST in my whole life. Every new Coach that becomes "family" through passion for health and nutrition makes my heart grow even bigger.” 
Through her background in Human Resources, she also saw a great opportunity.  
“It’s hard for Deaf people to get jobs because many employers are unaware of what accommodations to make, or simply too lazy to accept a different language. (Deaf people use American Sign Language.) So by being a Coach, I’m giving opportunities for Deaf people to earn money doing something they enjoy while making a difference.”  
So take a little inspirational advice from Pearlene. “Identify the negative and turn it into a positive by being creative. Focus on what you can do and what matters most.”
What are you waiting for? Get out there and conquer the world. 
Coach’s Playbook:
  • Commit to Personal Development. Overcoming obstacles is easier when you truly know who you are and what you’re capable of. You’ll learn how to be a better communicator, more positive person, and stay inspired to keep improving yourself and your business.
  • Stay engaged. Keep in contact with people who may need your help, even if they turn you down today. If they say no, pretend like they’re turning down a second cup of coffee, but might ask for one the next time you see them. 
  • Embrace the individual. Being a Coach is about helping people improve their lives, but you need to let them set the pace. Make yourself available, set a positive example, and they’ll reach out to you when they’re ready.

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