Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Seek Inspiration

When I seek inspiration, I turn to websites of my favorite mentors and now, I am proud to be sharing this site with you and your friends!   Share away and you will  never know whom life you may enhance!

As a person seeking goodness of life, I want to post few reasons why I chose to help people chose to become HAPPY!

  1. "Children do not need to grow up with mean and unhealthy approach to self like I did.   I want to input my “later-discovered” confidence and healthy view towards fitness and nutrition into my children and people from all walks of life. "
  2. I coach because it is like second nature to me. I like to share the goodness of life so others can experience the same or explore and discover theirs.
  3. I coach because it helped me find what passion feels like.
  4. I coach because I like to be reminded of how to self care and be aware of effects and pick the best thing with the most quality.
  5. I coach because I want to practice overcoming challenges while embracing the experience as challenges are meant to be and I am to choose which challenges to take.

Enjoy exploring each aspect of the website.
1. Connect to me by clicking on the icons of  your favorite social media.
2. Check back here often.
3. Become stronger, more confident, more disciplined and HEALTHIER! 

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