Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Rosa Lee Timm Testimony on Pearlene Utley

Shandella Saunders:
a couple hours ago, i ordered starbucks after not drinking it since last year (long title.. ready) venti vanilla bean w chocolate syrup blended and drizzled, no cool whip... and i couldnt even finish it! only drank 1/4.. i very much prefer my chocolate #shakeology

Mindy Wender: 
So for those of you who have been following me for a while may have seen this name before AND you all know that I LOVE my job and giving shout outs to my coaches when they reach their goals. Today I would like to congratulate Pearlene Utley for qualifying for 5 star diamond in her fitness business. Thankful that I'm officially her "upline" coach and more importantly FRIEND! I'm so incredibly proud of all that she has accomplished and excited to keep watching her grow and change even more lives. 

Regan Thibodeau: 
Very happy with TeamBeachBody. Got my Vegan Chocolate- thanks to Keri Ogrizovich who pointed out that the Regular Chocolate had diary in it, and thanks to Pearlene Utley for her champ Coach support to rectify my disappointment last week with customer service. Opinion? It tastes very different. It is not sweet at all which is good for me because it means I can stop buying only unsweetened Almond milk (it was making it tooooo sweet ) and sweeten it according to my mood. Yay!

Erin Hanrahan McGlynn:
From when I first started 2 weeks ago to now, I am down 14 lbs (it's a lot but I have at least 65 more to go) but the biggest draw to this program is how I've been feeling. Sure, I have had a few days when I went off the rails, but then I got back. I haven't missed a day of Shakeology tho and I noticed how different I felt at the end of each day. My energy levels were that prior to being pregnant 2 YEARS AGO! That's how bad of a slump I was. The portions and making better choices as no doubt been a challenge but at the end I was feeling better and not craving as much therefore wanting to keep eating those better foods.

Eddy Miller:I gotta confess...at first I didn't think much of Shakeology..stuck to my supplements n vitamins etc etc. ..after a year ! I felt a lil weaker then usual after working out like crazy...now I didn't replace all my supplements but...I did add it daily to my supplementing. 5 days have passed and honestly it helps I feel more vibrant and energetic..and well just GOOD! I in no way think it replaces proteins and vitamin supplements but it's definitely a GREAT addition and I will continue to drink it daily and keep you and everyone posted on my progress and how much it helped...its definitely a good nutritional addition to anyone's regime!

Marsha Helmuth:
 PJ - while waiting for Turbo Fire dvds, I decided to use the sample dvd of Turbo Jam for the time being. Whoa...I sweated like a waterfall...what a good workout just for 20 minutes. Looks like I'll love TF as well!! Thanks for introducing me to all of this!!  

Jennifer Estep: 
You're an inspiration to me & many others!! I'm lucky to have you as a coach... You're also the one who introduced me to Shakeology & Turbofire and for that I am grateful! Hope someday I'll be a good coach like you are. If I ever find the time & understand how to do everything....haha! Thanks again! Keep on inspiring me & PUSHING me!!

Carl explained why it is important to care. I have to give a shout out to Pearlene Utley and her team that has been built out of many loving, caring, and amazing coaches!
I have been a slacker in the fitness and healthier living lifestyle for many years. Then came along Pearlene who taught, no, shown me what accountability means. Today, I am more active, more motivated, more confident in myself and in my dreams.
I have an amazing support group with amazing people, StefJessicaBeckiRandyAdamThomas, and others who cheers me, supports me, pat on my back, and all that. My journey has begun and I am loving every moment.
If you saw someone fall on the sidewalk, would you lack the confidence to reach down and ask if they're ok? Wouldn't you ask how you can help them?
So why would you be afraid to talk to someone who lacks energy, who is struggling to lose weight, or who is buried in debt, and ask them if they are ok? Why wouldn't you ask them if you can help?
When I say I am not interested in a million coaches who just sell, this is what I am talking about. I am looking for a million coaches who are relentlessly determined to be the ones with the courage to reach out and inquire how you can help someone who is not satisfied with their health, their fitness, their weight, or their financial situation.
That's what coaching is. It's caring. It's helping those who want to be helped.

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