Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 1-2

Where do I START?  Oh I feel a HEADACHE-- - its working!!    Excitement about a headache. OH my! 
I am constantly reminding myself that even though I feel content and comfortable with the eating part, I am still feeling some detoxifying effects.    My body is designed to handle it so there are no pain.  If I had two child births, I can have the willpower to go through 21 days of getting my insides into amazing shape!   I am already missing my working out routine. 

1.   CHEW SLOWLY??? With my two kids and husband constantly needing my attention?? This morning during breakfast, Maiya s nose bled and I kept on getting up to wipe her nose and didnt really focus on eating.  SIGHHHH   
2. No coffee?!   No problem! I am enjoying the Dandy Blend. Check www.dandyblend.comfor more information but it is a lifesaver. I think I can live without coffee! 
Yea. Dandy Blend looks frothy and nice just like freshly brewed coffee. 
3. My body feels little bit heavy today and I am constantly yawning and dreaming about taking a nap. 
4.  EASY? I forgot to take my supplements at certain times. I really thought I could handle it after this blog, I have to set alerts on my google calendar so that I can be reminded of when to take the supplements because you have waiting time before you can eat.  With the reading I have done on the Ultimate Reset, I really think everything makes sense.  Also, need to get in the Participant Portal to set up daily emails they d send according on the day you are on.   
5.  I do like menu plans but this plan requires me to not drink anything for 30 minutes before and after meals. This is the biggest shift for me as I usually LOVE drinking water up to and during meals! The another big shift is the amount of groceries to be sure to have on hand for each week! I keep telling myself that we need an extra refrigerator just for this program! 
First URS meal was good but it was when I realized my children do need to eat off my plate as a routine so I decided to cook more and put on my plate so that if they take some off, I would still be okay.  AHA! 
Instead of making microgreen salad every time, we decided to save time and put everything together. Each time the menu plan asks for a microgreen salad, I would just scoop up a cup and put on top of my greens to go with the infamous creamy garlic dressing.  Darrell did a video on this the other day at http://www.youtube.com/pearlyjo
Drinking my Alkalinize which was easy to drink as it tastes as plain as grass. I am not saying I have tasted grass but maybe one day, I would!  That's why I asked the other day on my facebook if grass is a vegetable! 
6. Yesterday and today, I took kids out and around town throughout my lunches. I was committed to packing and taking lunches out but it could be easily forgotten.   I had to bring my supplements too to make sure I dont miss taking them in case we dont return home in time. 
Lunch out on the day after Thanksgiving. No sugary yams or fried turkey!  Just pure cleansing microgreen salad that was surprisingly filling. 
Today's Lunch
Yesterday's Dinner
7. If you plan to do the Ultimate Reset, be sure to get tons of support from your coach or if you do not have a coach yet, please let me know atwww.pearleneutley.com   YOU WILL need the support as I am enjoying supporting my customers and currently using a special Ultimate Reset Facebook group organized by each phase with Beachbody workers answering questions. 
8. Noticed that I am so used to grazing throughout the day so I am having the perks of not having to visit the kitchen between meals however it takes a lot of time to prepare for meals. We keep the meal schedule pretty consistent during Ultimate Reset so we dont become too hungry.  Keep this in mind.
9. GOAL for tomorrow:KEEP my kids away from my water bottles! Maiya, the 2 years old, shoved her cute little hand in my water bottle and played with it while I was eating my dinner, trying to chew slowly.    SIGHHHH again! 
I plan to drink a whole gallon each day to help with the detoxing process.
10. I am already looking forward to two things!!!   Better sleep occurs after second day of the reset which is one of my major reasons of doing the Ultimate Reset!  
 I am also looking forward to getting my Ultimate Reset tshirt!!!  If you want the shirt, be sure to buy the program and go to this link http://images.beachbody.com/tbb/BUR_Marketing/home/Reset_Tshirt_OrderForm_v3.pdf
My current favorite tip ... "At the first sign of stress, breathe." 

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