Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 3-6

(photos are not working but enjoy the read of my experience.)

Sorry, Christmas Cheer, I threw the candy canes that people gave my kids thinking that it would enrich their diets.  They were broken and cannot be hung up and if we did hang them up, they would be broken within 10 minutes. You know how 5 years olds are with chair-ladders.  This reminded me that I really did pick the right time to do this program, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Eye opening to what we impulsively eat or do just for the traditions sake. Its okay to moderately eat special seasonal foods and this program will definitely help me understand my relationship with sugar better.   

Money matters.When I shopped for the foods, I thought that maybe it was sort of costly to get those foods but after eating 5 and half days of UR meals, I feel SUPERIOR. Usually in the past, I would skimp on adding fresh fruits to my farinha or skimp on eating nuts because then it would cost one of my kids or spouse' snack.  Everybody s health comes first, whenever possible, be sure to add fruits or vegetables to every meal and snack time. No matter how full it makes your refrigator or how it adds 30 dollars to your grocery budget, TRY IT.  It would subract 30 dollars eventually because you will feel less cravings for bad snacks or bad meals resulting from WIMPY meals.  I am being straight forward about this because CRAPPY FOOD are EXPENSIVE.   Let me list one BIG EXAMPLE in this picture! The apples probably cost few dollars and a snickers bar cost around 2 dollars. And to think some people grab a snickers when they are in a morning rush! Harder to grab an apple or two? Thought provoking?
POWER UP!   Please feel free to buzz me for support in this area at fb.com/pearleneutleycoach
Sorry to disappoint you but I am still struggling with chewing my food slowly.  At least, I eat slower than maybe 75% of the population. I am making progress and I have decided not to swallow my tempeh quicker when I saw my a huge spoonful of farina fall on a book my daughter was reading at breakfast. Should I stop letting them read at meal times until they get more practice...
Thumbs UP for family breakfast. Farina is a quick breaksfast and is sort of tricky to make so be sure to have a whisk and use your muscles while whisking!
I am feeling great those days. I am not going through much withdraws but I am struggling with not snacking after dinner. No snacking at all and that means I can't visit the kitchen at all, no matter how cute it looks but when my kids jump over the gate and tackle the refrigerator, I go in.
With the meals, I really became unpleasantly full but had to finish my plates so I didn't worry about snacking much.  The amounts are designed to really help with the detoxing process. When I drink water, I mean, TONS of water, it helps with not becoming deprived too. 
Enjoying my dinner quickly before heading out to an evening event 

Keep on forgetting my supplements so I am going to suggest you all to make a spreadsheet and check off each supplement when u take them.  I schedule them on my google calendar and set text alerts which helps a bit.  Once, I couldn't remember if I already take it after 5 mins of taking ithence the much needed check boxes!   I was the same way when I took prenatal vitamins.  Just wished I drank Shakeology instead when I was pregnant. It would be easier to remember! Who wouldn't forget the yummy Shakeology!!!?  That would replace my bad nightly pregnant cravings of 1-2 Mcdonalds cones.  They are small. OK?  Only if I knew the alternatives.
 The guide didn't come with time suggestions so I used post-its and wrote down times because it helps me figure out when to drink water as I am not supposed to drink water 30 mins before and after meals.

Timing is EVERYTHING! Be sure to
make time to cook, clean and prep for next few days' schedule. 
SLEEP is still amazing! I am stunned that it was one of the first thing that improved!!!
Overly excited to eat my full Breakfast after some serious sleep. Be greeted at Instagram at user name Pearlyjo
Serious stuff... During this week, I prepare myself for the change with foods and start flushing out toxins. This week is when I slowly remove animal proteins because it is stress on anybody’s digestive system.  Also, I am taking 4 supplements this week and they are Mineralize, Oxygenize, Alkalinize and Optimize and drinking a gallon of water daily.
People will have different results because their regular diets are in different standings and have different issues.   Overall, its the science of food that can control your energy level and your cravings. The body uses a lot of energy in the process of cleansing itself but during a detox like this, people should not exercise due to this so I am really missing my workouts and am going to pick out a yoga/stretch dvd from each of my Beachbody programs I have gotten over the years. Each program comes with a stretching based workout.   I heard that once the first week is completed, the rest of the Ultimate Reset will be even more astonishing!
Baked tempeh with tons of garlic
I am so motivated to help others experience this so I am hosting a support group that will start in January so please contact me if you want to get the ULTIMATE support. This program can be done few times a year to detox whatever toxins comes in you naturally. In addition, if you are a local, ask me for an invite because I am holding an Ultimate Reset dinner in January at my house.
In honor of Zig Ziglar s passing, Here is a quote that I feel fitting with my work. 
“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar 

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