Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ultimate Reset Me?! I am Healthy ENOUGH?!

Two years as a Beachbody Coach, drank Shakeology EVERYDAY, have helped so many people improve their health by great leaps and more still doesnt make me a 100% healthy person.   It is matter of the choices I make on a daily basis so keep checking here for my updates as I approach my full blown Ultimate Reset cleanse. This is for people of all levels of health and fitness.

When you think of a cleanse, you immediately think... NO FOOD???     Actually, this one is ALL foods cleanse which is a HUGE win for me.  I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE to eat ANYTHING.   I love Chocolate, actually! 
Since this is my first post regarding this program, I wanted to list the reasons I am going to do the cleanse.   Be sure to order and join my Ultimate Reset support group, send me a message on facebook or click "contact me" on www.pearleneutley.com    I MEAN IT- the program is MUCH easier if you have passionate coaches supporting and sharing success with you.  

Here goes the reasons I am doing the cleasnse even if you think I am healthy.  You might learn few things about me.
1. I have ISSUES with breathing. I often get engrossed in my doings that I forget to breathe normally and it adds up.   I am catching myself more and more those days and really want to work on this.  I really want to teach my children to embrace breathing so am very excited to use Ultimate Reset as a tool to work onmy breathing.
2. Sweet tooth (if you dont have it, consider yourself LUCKY unless you have a salty tooth~)  I have had hard time letting go stuff like Splenda because it sweetens my stuff like nothing else however I am working on resetting my taste buds to what it was like when I was born so I can appreicate things in their natural state. Shakeology have helped me with cravings and improved my taste buds in extremes!
3. REMOVAL of toxins that have been in my body since birth. This program is capable of doing this just check www.ultimatereset.com/pearleneutley2 for more information.
4. I become really HUNGRY when I go 2-3 hours without food and often end up overeating or eating too fast.  I want to practice and improve in this area. 
5. Balanced meals is occasionally problematic for me because I have a family to feed and many times, what they are in the mood for is way different from what my body s in the mood for.   I am sure many of you struggle with this.
6. I love the Ultimate Reset menu plan. My husband went through this program and the whole family enjoyed the meals so MUCH.   I dont mind going through the meals again only this time, I will be taking the supplements to FLUSH out the toxins.  (See photo of Darrell and his Dad, I will post something special about them sometimes this month. Check back.)
7. I grew up with emotional and boredom eating.  Only in the last two years, I changed the foods I eat when I am bored or stressed.   Ask me for ideas if you want to work in this area.
8. I dont share this with many people but I am struggling with drinking enough water. My biggest sign is dizziness when I lie down or place my head down to tie my shoes or such.   On some days, the dizziness goes away but I am hoping this 21 days cleanse will snap me into better water drinking habit. U know how they say that 21 days will help with habits forming.
9. MY SLEEP IS A HUGE PROBLEM.  I have not had a good nights sleep since Magdalene was born due to nursing nursing and more nursing.  Its been 6 years since I became pregant with my first, and then second.   In case you need to know, once you become pregnant, your sleep is just different in preparation of being able to take care of babies at nights and all the trips to the bathroom!   Amazing how our body changes but I AM READY TO SLEEP again.  
WHY DID I CHOOSE this DATE? Between Thanksiving and Christmas Day?   I feel that this is the most perfect time of the year because during the UR, you cant exercise intensely.   With the busy schedule and the chilly weather, I think our focus will be keeping the house warm with all the cooking and quality time with family in addition to sharing and educating my friends like you to focus on healthy eating during the UNHEALTHY season.  
From you, I also NEED your support. I really need all the cheers when I drink the ONE cup of decaf coffee a day. More about the coffee thing later... but please keep me accountable as it will be hard. I CAN DO IT !
If you decide to grab that third pie serving with whipped cream, at least, exercise, eat tons of vegetables and Shakeology to balance it out.   It is like shampoo, rinse and repeat.   Keep trying. Keep learning.   Keep a positive outlook on your daily choices.  I am here for you.
So, I am excited to be posting often about my experience preparing for, going through and beyond Ultimate Reset.  

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