Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Paleo?

Let’s talk about Paleo/primal lifestyle, should we? This essay will explain what Paleo/primal lifestyle is for us and why we wanted it? And how it has worked for us and what you can keep in mind if you are interested in trying out the Paleo/primal lifestyle.

Ever since my daughter was two year old, she is now six, she had issues with her leaky gut, meaning her digestive system doesn't work. I've been struggling to repair it so that way her body can absorb all the nutrients better. Leaky gut mean waste of nutrients, even though she gets to eat healthy food, so we tried to target what the problem was. First, we were able to eliminate wheat, then discovered casein dairy and processed food were needed to go too. There were many more to the list we got to eliminate, which led us to the Paleo/ primal lifestyle. I was surprised.
There are plentiful of fascinating information on Paleo and primal lifestyle. (I would encourage you to look up and read more information on Paleo/primal lifestyle as they make so much sense in our choices we make.) The Paleo diet is broken down in five main parts: organic and natural meat, nuts/seeds, fruits, vegetable, fat and oil. It also emphasizes on no grain, which worked well for us because I noticed that my kids would only eat grains, ignoring fruits or vegetables. The grains they got to eat were GF (gluten free) rice but they came from the boxes. Boxed food is still considered as processed food so that went along with my elimination list, which our choices ultimately led us back to living fully Paleo again. It has worked so well for us when I was able to see progress in my daughter- she was getting better. It became a lot easier for me to explain clearly what five things she CAN eat compared to what she cannot eat. But as for nuts, peanuts are not allowed. Peanuts are categorized as legumes and we do not eat that. The five things guideline has become easier for others to be aware of and be clear on what to serve my daughter. Sometimes I would say grains, then they will serve rice, then add few other grains, but they may do not realize that there is actually gluten in them so definitely no grain for us.
I have always eaten healthy for a long time, but there are grains and some certain foods I had doubts about and ended up rejecting them naturally. People have always thought of me that I was trying to diet or lose weight, but that was not true. I wasn't crazy about these foods and they just didn't make me feel good every time I get to eat them- so time fast forward, when I discovered the Paleo lifestyle, it makes so much sense! Now I appreciate it, it makes me feel good and find it easier to decide on what I can eat than having to second-guess it.
It's my suggestion that if you want to try this lifestyle out, please give it more than three to four months or even a year to get your body adjusted and see what benefits can bring to you. Because sometimes the amount of your life, before starting the lifestyle, it may takes the same amount of time for your body to heal and repair. For example, if you have seasonal allergies that come in two times a year, Fall and Spring, then you need to give Paleo a try for a year. You will be able to notice a difference after a year. Another important thing to keep in mind, Paleo means you can eat “any” meat, “any” fruit or vegetable? No, they highly encourage you to consume organic and natural products because they believe in supporting healthy practices in raising plants and animals for food. This may be very basic, but I hope this will set you off to become more curious, look into more information and give it a try.

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