Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who is Pearlene Utley?

You can call me a food hoarder just like 55,000 other food bloggers.   I like to lick every single almond butter bit out of the mason jar (I make my almond butter because I am picky about the texture.)  
So, almond butter has protein. I can't just put soap on protein and wash it off.   
Here, I blog randomly about being a pearl in my own oyster...mostly about things I think the world should know! 

-My Deaf family
-Our universal & American Sign Language
-My weight loss struggles
-Good and bad workouts
-Thoughts on situations
-Real overall fitness
-Work as a Beachbody coach
-My love with science of nutrition and fitness
Eat that apple because it is good for you. How the heck do you explain an apple?
Never mind. Let's not make health a science.
I help people get off their butt if they read or at least get inspired by looking at my photos.
If you want to study people, you might as well subscribe to my blog and get an email each time I share something like why I drink my coffee in less than a minute.  
No microwave in house & I must have hot coffee.   
You talk to my husband while I sip sip sip as quickly as possible and I will tell you about mytransformation…. 
If you think you can't, I am a living proof that you can.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0389.JPG

I struggled with weight and having a well balanced relationship with food all my life.  Unfortunately, I am an emotional eater. I eat if I am bored, stressed or just because it’s right there. My body did not care if I am full so I once was able to eat a whole Papa Johns pizza by myself. I have totally transformed away from that kind of cheesy rock bottom and am forever grateful.
I have no control yet LOTS of control. Confused? Read on.
I grew up in a dormitory because I attended and resided at a Deaf school. The meals at the cafeteria were either unsatisfying or simply gross.  I would order take-outs to be delivered to the dorm just because my friends and I could, just like you would in your college days.  It was how we were rewarded during our childhood.   The take-outs helped us feel more full because the meals at the cafeteria were lacking of real nutrients. If they did, things might be different.
Not a great athlete, life had different plans for me than my peers. My peers would be chosen to be on Varsity teams and I would be on the benches depriving myself of my exercise opportunities no matter how loyal I was to the teams I played on throughout my school years. Coaches didn’t really care about our “fitness.”   It was just the talent they were looking for. I hated this memory and this have taught me that my kids will need to learn all they can about fitness and leading a healthy habit of exercising everyday once they are out of school. 
Yes, have you worked out daily since you stopped playing sports in school?   Get what I mean.
Majority of my family weren’t athletes. We lived a sedentary lifestyle, ate junk food and some of us were blessed with naturally slim bodies.
 I was always the "bigger" one in my family. It was embarrassing because despite the fact, they are my family, I just couldn’t talk to them about it.
Oh… you look fine.  Really?  
It just wasn’t comfortable because they didn’t really lead a healthy lifestyle and wouldn’t understand. 
Don’t everybody feel this way with their family about something?     If I had google and 55,000 other bloggers back then, I would have a different journey. 
It would be like… We need to exercise everyday no matter what we LOOK like!   Let’s try telling this to the Simpsons.
At around 11 years old, when I was first exposed to the fact that I am bigger than my peers. FULL BLOWN anorexic and almost got into a bulimic phase for less than 2 years.  After this, it was simply a LONG recovering time for my relationship with foods and my body. It wasn’t about healthy habits.  I struggled with body image issues. 
Pants did not fit me. 
I couldn’t borrow friends’ clothes.
Boys called me fat and didn’t ask me out.

Actually, the boys I liked would prefer to be friends with me because I was nice but not pretty enough to be girlfriends.  
Typing this sentence out is harder than thinking and saying.  People who think this way need to read more self help books. I really hope they have changed by now.
As a child, I couldn’t just find positive friends. The people around me were my forced peers. They did not really give my fragile soul, the environment needed at that time. 
This is why I really appreciate being an adult. I am able to go out and find my own real friends, people who really don’t give a flick about what SIZE I am but instead enjoy working out with me without any competitive spirit.
I appreciate my friends who look out for the goodness of other people even if they share a different interest.   If you are my friends, you will know it and just thank you.    The world needs more people who work on improving themselves each day.
Confidence is a powerful thing that came with my Turbofire workout program that I ordered in 2010 and then many workout programs after that along with help of Shakeology and detoxes that had me paying real attention to a truly simple thing of pushing for healthier habits.

Despite the fact that I am pretty strong willed person up through graduating from college, meeting my husband and having my kids, I was actually privately WEAK on the inside with my insecurities when it comes to foods, figuring out who friends are, my figure and my fitness abilities. 
With better habits, I was able to heal so much more in the last 3 years than ever in my whole life. I have learned to shut out many things and to welcome new things. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. This journey has taught me that people have their time and I want to be there.
My passion for transforming your habits a bit each day no matter what your size or goal is with my job as a Beachbody coach, selling life changing workout programs, online boot camps, necessary nutritional supplements, certificating new fitness instructors to work at gyms and many more.
 This job helps me continue my journey with solid rocks.   Just like the climbing wall at the gym, solid rocks bring you up if you want to stay strong and they stay up there for you to climb again. It is a beautiful thing.

I hope to not change the world because it is already beautiful but I want to keep it beautiful. Typing words into this blog, sharing photos, being a coach and an accountability partner helps me be a purposeful Pearl that your oyster has for you. 

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