Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Goals = Once Upon a Mama

I love LISTS--- goals, grocery lists, to do lists & you name it.. I love them!

Here is a list of 22 things I want to do in 2015 with all intentions on being a cooler mama!

Why 22? I am challenging myself to break down some goals into smaller ones so that I can see them clearly when I review my goals everyday. In addition, I am repeating some of the stuff because there are always room for improvement especially being a mother because I experience motherhood just since they were born so theres always a first phase of their life that I am learning about.

I stick a note of my goals in evernote and set a reminder on it so it pops up into my email and notifications so that I can read them or at least remind myself to acknowledge my purpose in life each day. My planner has them listed on one page and I tabbed that page so whenever I am blessed with a moment, I will review em.  I will be writing em on a large post it and stick it on my wall year-long calendar which I love so much because I get to see the whole year at one view n see the big picture.

Another tip-- give your goals a reason! Each of them!

Enough with tips.. here are my goals!

1. Find all the quiet beaches and hang out with my kids n Darrell alone! I do enjoy guests but as an introvert, I need to go on little trips with just my family sometimes.

2. Help another person lose over 100 lbs because that was my 2013-2014 joy! Habits die hard!

3. Let Magdalene plan her own birthday party for the very first time. Let the glitter pour.

4. Work closely with Maiya on becoming more comfortable at communicating because I would love to know what she's thinking!

5. Road cycle 2x a week.

6. 10k steps everyday to hit that 3 million something and I invite you to join me!

7. Finish my Maiya's scrapbooks.

8. Help Darrell with his 1940 Chev project because its long overdue and I owe him some elbow grease.

9. Pay off our crazy moving expenses debt because we would love to buy another home in Riverside, CA.

10. Cook some more main meals all by myself. Meats are a bit tricky but I will use my tools!

11. YOGA everydamn day so that my injuries stay at bay. Protection of the soul as well!

12. Finish Insanity Max30, the newest 21 Day Fix EXTREME and mix n match programs for rest of the year so that I stay sane from each day's workout. Maybe I d wash clothes on my 6pack.

13. Read 1 book a month. I said I would do 2 books but to stay a balanced mama, I am cutting it back to 1 book a month but always 10 minutes a day of personal development to stay snapfree.

14. Enjoy my hard earned 2015 success club trip to Cancun, from beachbody. Earn my 2016 trip by inspiring others to a healthier lifestyle each month in 2015. If you want a free vacation, enjoys sharing and working on ur own health.... email me pronto because we start right now in January 2015. I mean it, I thought it was not important when I started out but then after my first trip to disneyWORLD for my whole family, I am never turning back.

15. UNPLUG schedule. (that means when the kids are busy, I still can't PLUG in until its time to plug in. This will be a challenge.)  #goodbyegoogle #goodbyeinstagram #goodbyefacebook This will probably help with goal #7.

16. Buy more warm clothes for the next COLD weather in southern california so I don't end up wearing the same thing for 2 weeks!

17. Drink less coffee. MORE WATER. I know- I tried everyday and still struggle. I need a fitbit for water intake. I use lemon essential oil from Chelsea Nelson in my water and that helps so much!

18.  Read to my kids everyday. (Kids PLEASE pay attention to me!)

19. Teach my kids basketball, volleyball and soccer. They are pros at yoga and exercising already so onto sports hereafter.

20. Create ASL storytelling videos with my kids for other Deaf kids in the world.

21. Create a FUN walking at home workout video?? LOL Gotta hit that 10k steps!

22. Be an awesome tutor to my kids for homework time needs to become FUN.

One more tip--- prioritize your goals and put them in order when you have time and this activity helps you think out your steps and plan everything for more chances at successful tackling your list.

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