Friday, January 23, 2015

Nonscale Victory Forever

Confession:   I am approaching the end of my journey with Insanity Max 30!!!

I am not sure if my progress made a difference on my body's appearance but I feel a lot more toned and stronger during the workouts and during the days I have worked out with this program.  The meal plan guide helped me refocus on eating to fuel the body for the workouts because this program gets me starving!   I eat like an athlete those days except for the birthday mint cookies, yea- you can get the recipe in my previous blog post.

I watched this #thisgirlcan video million times since it came out and had many triggering flashbacks to myself growing up trying to brush away others comments, judgements, normalcy of being able to fit in a decent size jeans, and many insults by boys and girls. I enjoyed moving my body, just like the girls in this video... but back then, the others approach towards me wasn't exactly nice and it damaged me.  

It healed me at the same time... I have grew to became nonjudgemental towards others however I make mistakes at times.  

I am observing how the kids develop an attitude towards others' appearances so that I can prevent them from going any further.   How I can help them stop considering one shape having more golden status than other shape, skills, ability, skin color, activity preference or background.  Anything really. Everybody is different all the way to their thoughts.. Nobody thinks the same way!

But will my "before and after" photos show a difference -- big enough for people to want to give this program a TRY?

I am wondering WHY people NEED to see before and after photos to go for it--  

I am not judging anybody who enjoys motivation from those before and afters because I LOVE READING the stories of before and afters along with awesome visuals.

But right now... I am not able to LOSE any more pounds to prove something about a workout program.

Its been around 50 days of Insanity Max 30 and I didn't lose an ounce.  I definitely gained muscular mass but this is not the point.  I don't even know if I will post a photo but I will send beachbody my photos so that I can get my TSHIRT!!!! YAY!  I will even tell them my story of how I can't jump and do crazy stuff that may be risky for my knee that has screws and still do this program because they added a new feature of dual screens where you are able to see the modifier all the way through workouts! I appreciate this part very much. Thank you, Beachbody, for every single tool you give us all!!!

The point I am trying to make is that I wonder everyday as a coach... How I can convince you to get in a workout program without worrying too much about before and afters of YOUR appearance but to THINK about the lifestyle, how good it feels on the days you workout, how the fun trainers in the dvds are so loud in their cheers, how they are so creative with the workouts, I love the captioning as I am Deaf and I love how this whole program improved my pushups form and endurance. Some examples of things that cannot exactly be measured by anybody but you.

Just enjoy a workout everyday! Our body deserves to be moved enough for vitality. Do not worry about how people look at you when you workout because your body isn't theirs... it is your job to stay inspired and motivated for the RIGHT REASONS, despite their statements. Don't let their stares cause your failures.  

Speaking of failing...

I hate failure, but it stings a lot less if I know I tried my best.  Acuff 

But.. if a "before and after" photo helps motivate you and myself... so be it and be sure to check back for some photos here and there to see how much more muscular I am with some programs than others if I stick to them throughout as I mix and match dvds during off program days.   I know I tried my best with each workout and with keeping my lifestyle the healthiest I can.

Up next for me is 21 Day Fix Extreme and I hope you will join me with this challenge. Inbox me to get started!     After this, I am thinking about following the Turbofire program all over again and see if I can go through the original 3 months plan with piyo here n there to keep my flexibility throughout the spring-summer.

What are your plans?   What are your thoughts about the video?

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