Friday, April 24, 2015

What is Beachbody Coaching in 2015?

Darrell, Autumn from 21 Day Fix, and I
This 15 minutes video explains what beachbody coaching is all about in American Sign Language. Join my team if you have been considering coaching or if you have been loving the programs n products, refers em often to your friends. Get paid to inspire people. You will never know whose life you will turn around or save. *True stories packed in my heart with happiness*

How to make an income??? This video explains the many ways you can support your own financial goals with Beachbody coaching. Be sure to watch all the way til the end for one important factor that is really helpful.

Beachbody provides TOOLS and we are the resources!

1. Beachbody OnDemand (online streaming workouts you can use on ur phone, tabs, computers)

3. Clean eating mentality in all of supplements such as pre workout, post workout, for sleep, during workouts etc
4. ALL superfoods nutritious shakeology powder that my kids, husband and I drink daily for almost 5 years. (not a diet drink but a whole food--- so that your body works better and leads to results/good health- which helps with weight loss if your body needs that time...
5. Portion fix-  Learn to eat to fuel your body using simple color containers system

Help 3 people a month & you will get an all expenses paid VACATION on top of your income
To maintain your business websites/training tools, etc you will be paying 15.95 a month. No crazy investments or anything like that. Just focus on your fitness, nutrition and pay it forward!

TO sign up, please contact me and I will add you to my next new coach training.

Remember, this video is only 15 minutes so be sure to ask me for more details. YOU can do it! You can work the biz and stay YOU! Hobby or career. People relate to YOU and you become somebody they turn to for inspiration. Give this kind of work a SHOT and take part in true health care in Canada, USA and beyond!

To learn more or to join my team- n CLICK COACH!

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