Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You Are Not Stuck

this blog post is the transcript to this video created in American Sign Language

This tough topic has been a struggle for me to create a video on. 
As a coach for the last four and half years, I have witnessed many success stories including those who failed and tried again. Those people believed in healthier eating habits, they fell in love with exercise and saw their energy becoming a regular thing when they follow the program. 

Total solution is exercise, nutrition and peer support and they have took advantage of the solution to find how to truly care for themselves and stay consistent in this. 

I love watching, hearing from and supporting those willing people.  

Now, my heart is aching and I am at loss of ideas for the other group of people I work with. If you have ideas or experience in this, please do email me!  

Those people would buy programs, getting me excited knowing they are going to take action but instead, they allow dust gather all over the dvds, shakeology bags or any of our tools. They would eat the same way as before we connected. They would continue to have their health issues, small or big, without changing anything big enough to make improvements.   

Those people would feel that failing is hard and they dont continue to give the program or themselves a chance at better health.  I am now at loss of ideas of how to show them what they will discover once they get down and dirty with this!   

I wish I could show them what I went through in my pre-beachbody days where I would exercise once a blue moon, whenever I really get in the mood for it. I would feel a high and remind myself that I should exercise daily and end up not doing that.   
My kids are learning n copying as I learn. Learn on the job. 
Everybody has a journey but all deserve healthy self care. 

My body n health was suffering, as all of our bodies are designed to be moving most of the day. I personally thought I was not worth it-- now, I see it happening in my clients and friends. They would give up and say that it is not worth it. 

I wish I could tell each of them that they are worth it but my words would not matter if they are not willing to consider themselves valuable enough for

simple little things that matter… exercise and nutrition.

And they pop out of my life--- out of touch--- how can I continue to support the people who doesnt come to me with thoughts and struggles-- so this another simple thing that do matter can happen… SUPPORT!   

Support occurs only when the person needing support come forward or at least allow support come in. I can't be everywhere.

Each day counts. Each day is important. Each person is valuable.

Everybody deserve being able to do and improve at becoming curious and learn about proactive health care majority of the time.   
If they are picky eaters, they can always try few new things at a time such as cooking a certain vegetable using different methods.

Take a close look at the food, think about the nutrients quality and make better decisions about what food is worth your body s time.   
Are you giving the body the vitamins and minerals it needs everyday?   Are you drinking water? Your body will say thank you when you give it plenty of water so it can do its work of cleaning and running the body business as it should instead of sneaking into survival mode too often.

When people say, instead of adding exercise and nutrition…
I am too busy.
I have no money.
I need to focus on my family.

It makes my heart heavy because I know beginnings are hard but once the habit is in… the rewards are worth the simple effort. Things will get better and realization will occur.  Even if you feel fine now, if you try health, you will start to notice that things were struggling in your body that you didn't see before.

How do I convince people that it is worth it… that its worth trying and staying with good nutrition and exercise?

A person told me that he is inspired my posts but never gets around to actually doing it. People like him makes my job harder because I don't know what more I can do but hope for enough motivation and self value to happen so they will BEGIN.

Those people need to find their biggest WHY from the deep inside and bring it out to fuel changes. 

There are so many ways you can make an impact on the world when your health is better, no matter how busy you are. You work better, you interact with people better, and why else would the president of USA be exercising regularly? I bet his wife makes him eat plenty of vegetables. For me, I become better parent and set an example for my kids on how they should care for themselves.

There would be little things here and there that will improve when you focus on your health long and often enough.

AND there would be MAJOR things that you can improve.. When you get really sick, you will probably heal faster or maybe you can prevent major sicknesses because of your years of eating healthy majority of the time, your body has enough fighting power to prevent or to reduce your sick so you have more good days than not in your whole life.

You could now be culminating something serious like cancer from eating the wrong things for too long. Your body doesn’t have a major sign big enough for you to notice. For example, since I care about my health, I started to notice little errors like little blisters in my mouth. After research, I discovered that I am sensitive to nightshades when my gut is weak. So I focus on strengthening my gut so that my body can handle occasion nightshades. (Tomatoes, eggplants, etc.)   What if I ignored this sign, my body would crash eventually from always eating tomatoes like I used to do with all the salsa in the world. <3   I am even feeling better in general avoiding nightshades.

You are worth it- you are worth every effort in improving your health.

I dont have a final answer to this but I ask you to consider yourself valuable and share this with anybody you feel should consider themselves important enough to make changes.  Show yourself or them that you care!   

Tell your family to allow you to exercise, add more vegetables in the menu or home’s meal plan, or just try anything that is reasonable first step for you and NEVER stop trying. It is important as telling people that you need to go and use the restroom.   Use that same thinking towards going to use your dvds to workout, eat better, drink daily shakeology or even dance to move the body! 
Whatever works even if they eyebrows raise when you turn off the cartoons or take them for a walk when they are not used to it. They will realize why later on, if you stick to it long enough for the rewarding results of proactive health to show.  Get over the discomfortable moments.  Because your body needs it.

If you are ready- I am here! pearleneutley@gmail or

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