Friday, May 1, 2015

Cauliflower Rice and Other Root Vegetables

I would have to apologize for blogging and talking about cauliflower rice AGAIN. I am fully aware that there are more than enough posts if you do a google search on cauliflower rice but ITS THAT GOOD!  I mean it and it has more nutritional benefits than regular rice. 

You can appreciate the vitamins, minerals, its detoxifying effects, digestive benefits and the fact that it is an anti inflammatory food. Anti inflammatory helps with nurturing the little inflammations (damages/injuries in the body.)   This can prevent from them developing into something big like cancer or whatever. 


I use a food processor's grating blade but you can also use a blender or a cheese grater. Its that simple! 

Season them to your preference. Google for ideas or check your pantry. 

Bake them at 475 for 20 minutes.  Turn them around halfway. I like them really brown so it took me longer. 
Other ways to cook them are in the pan, microwave or eat them raw! I love putting raw grated cauliflower in salads! You can combine the rice into stir frys, in casseroles, in your eggs, or any way you want.

Here's how I served the kids their rice. Plain with some grass fed butter on the top to go with sausages and baby arugula. (They nibbled on the greens after giving me the face but I gotta keep exposing! 

What are your favorite ways to eat cauliflower rice other than blending em up with few other foods to make cauliflower pizza crust. (This probably got the most pins in Pinterest so head over to find some and give them a try!) 

PS. Can we PS on blogposts?    I take food pictures every single day because I am a fitness/nutritional coach with Beachbody so I share photos with my challengers/clients.   The next two photos are of the other root vegetables that I like to chop up like beets, fennels, onions & carrots. For the other root vegetables, I slice using a different blade that comes with the food processor. I slice like theres no tomorrow before roasting them up for a week long worth of vegetables to combine in meals. If I cook an excess, I freeze them up and take them out to thaw n warm up when I am ready to eat them.

Don't forget your freezer. 

Turnips and rutabagas 

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