Sunday, May 10, 2015

I quit the gym for my kids and it worked!

The REASONS to this whole Beachbody thing! 
Happy Mothers Day got me reflecting on how I used to struggle with my health and my weight before I had my kids and once I had my first child, I struggled even more with mysteries of balancing it all. When the babies came, my life had a new purpose and my health and confidence cannot be a major problem. I made arrangements in my priorities but I struggled at the beginning.

I was a loyal gym goer. The gyms in Sacramento knows who I am and what classes I enjoyed attending. Of course, they were TurboKick and Pump at 24 hours fitness. I loved the people and the energy. I went on my bicycle EVERYDAY to get my "zen" before I had my kids.

But when I had two little girls and they both are Deaf!!  Bicycle and Gym membership card gathered DUST!

Whenever I bring my Deaf toddler & baby to the gym, they would call me back in the daycare and ask me to tell them what the toddler is saying or that the baby is crying.  After few incidents including my husband's work schedule and having only one car, I realized I have to quit the gym.

After few late nights of online browsing, I decided to give p90x a try but that didn't work. I checked the case for a contact number and called Beachbody. The rep on the phone told me that Turbofire is just coming out so I ordered that program. That was the first of MANY programs I enjoyed over the years! Its always good to shock the body and challenge the mind with a new exercising routine.

With my firstborn
With my firstborn years later

This is what we are going to do today! Spin em wheels! 

GYMs never saw me again. That was 5 years ago! My baby is turning 5 in 2 days!

The gyms had classes but they weren't strategically put together into a program with workouts to last me for 3 months....The workouts and the nutrition guide helped me stay interested and definitely helped me get results because at the gyms, the teachers didn't sign so I missed out many prompts for proper form and this led me to less than perfect results. 

The DVDS had captions, unlike many other programs outside of Beachbody!  My body transformed and my health improved in many ways-- my depression or mood swings rarely happens with my strong commitment to daily workouts and clean eating. I didnt notice my depression or moodswings fading until I was pretty much doing the workouts daily for over a year and adjusting my eats a bit better than the day before.

The DVDS inspired me to pay attention to my HEALTH in all aspects and this led me into surviving my two toddlers MUCH better. I am a better and a more patient person when my health is nourished. My little ones are seeing what kind of workouts I do and they see how I passionate I am about nutrition. Exposure!

The BIGGEST bottom line of this, is that I am beyond grateful for not having to drive to the gym and back. Imagine the gas and the hassles of forgetting something at home.

I am able to workout to REAL intense programs right at home and get my peer support and accountability in challenge groups that I host almost every month.

From Gym to Business right at home
That is right. I quit the gym and developed a beachbody coaching business right at home without any background but now with my years of experience, I can say I have a background in this whole exercise and nutrition thing!   That wasnt even in my 5 or 10 year plan! LOL. This helps me stay available for my little ones as they grow.

If you want to quit the gym and give Beachbody a try with beachbody ondemand (access to all workout dvds n nutrition guides online) or the DVDS, please consider this an invitation to join my next challenge group. RSVP by emailing me at to get help choosing the most appropriate program for your now.

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