Monday, June 1, 2015

Fixate Cookbook, Cize and discounts on 21 Day Fix packs: Video Links

What better way to announce few things than VIDEOS and some free recipes! (watch on a computer if you want a better viewing and captions) 

1.  Our NEWEST product!!!   FIXATE, a cook book by Autumn of 21 Day Fix!!! Watch this video to get an idea!

2. 21 Day Fix Challenge Packs on Sale for JUNE only! Buzz me if you want!!! 

All this for 140 at

Another video with Autumn explaining the June Specials

I have 4 spots available for my June private coaching for those who purchases a challenge pack so when you do buy a pack, let me know and I ll begin coaching you closely for the month to ensure you get off to a good start! 

3. Sneak Peek into FIxate recipes here 

4. OH the NEW dancing workout program Cize has a sneak peek workout that is around 45 minutes on Beachbody OnDemand!!! If you havent tried Beachbody Ondemand, PLEASE sign up and give it a try for 30 days FREE!    You will access $3k dollars worth of Beachbody workout programs n tools!! 

More details will be coming on my blog this 

Exciting times and I am here to support you with your GOALS!!!   

Contact me anytime!

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