Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shay & Ivy "Beyond The Kingdom" Book Review

Maiyalene for Ivy
Magdalene for Shay

My family’s new favorite bedtime story to sign out is “Beyond The Kingdom” by a Deaf author, Sheena Mcfeely and illustrated by Casie Trace.  This is a debut book for their book series called, “Shay & Ivy.” My girls are around Shay and Ivy's age so they are already pretending that they are Shay and Ivy and this makes my heart glow.

The dedication page has a little quote that you will appreciate. This page reminds me to burst my little girls with lots of empowering energy as I begin to sign the story to them at bedtime. You will see what I mean when you get your hands on this cute book with beautiful photos! The details on the pages are entertaining to look through before going to the next page. This is one of the few memorable books that we have been reading again and again.

Beyond The Kingdom is about sisters thinking out of the box and going beyond being just princesses. This will be a good lesson for all children, including males so that they can learn and embrace that female can actually do anything.

As each of us are Deaf, we are giddy with knowing that the girls in the book are using sign language however the story is not just about being Deaf. As a mother, I appreciate that because I want my children to realize that they are beyond than just being Deaf as well as beyond than just being princesses. They can do anything they want despite their gender, language and culture.

In the videos, you can see my husband flipping through the pages of the book and then the girls all perplexed to be getting a book in the mail because we usually buy books at bookstores in hopes of preserving bookstores that have been closing down like crazy! You can request Shay and Ivy to be sold at your nearby library bookstore if you want to help keep the bookstores and libraries alive.

You can go to to subscribe and add this book to your household. This will be sure to make a colorful coffee table book for adults alike!

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