Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PIYO Informercial Shooting Day

Yesterday's shooting for the upcoming PIYO  infomercial was a fascinating, ONCE a lifetime, experience

What is PIYO? American Sign Language 
More videos related to PIYO at ending of this blog post 
It begin a bit ago though. I send them a video of myself doing some PIYO poses. You can view it here. They emailed me few days later saying I AM IN!!!! I wasn't even sure about what to expect but I wanted the best out of it, so I asked them to provide interpreters so I can absorb the experience as much as I can!  They send awesome interpreters and made my heart flutter with appreciation once again! It meant a lot to me to have them there! 

The behind the scene work is harder than I thought! I was forever admiring the camera people and producers for their set up and always trying to get the right types of shooting to happen! The equipment are HUGE and all I can say is SERIOUS STUFF! They taped up mirrors and windows for the best lighting and taped our mats to the floor just in case. They thought of everything! 

We even had Maria Menounos, a TV 
correspondent for TodayAccess HollywoodExtra, and more, appear on the shooting with Chalene Johnson, a celebrity trainer of Turbofire, TurboKick, Chalean Extreme and creator of Live workouts at gyms all over like turbo kick and PIYO! Chalene is also a best selling author of Push and founder of few business development programs. Watching them work have me appreciating the hard work actresses/leaders go through! I appreciate every patience and effort they performed yesterday because it is for a good cause of bringing chances to fitness to people all over the world!

I am not even sure if every one of us will get TV time but the purpose of this was HUGE and I loved observing how everything worked out. 

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I just had to stop by SmashBurger to treat myself to an organic burger and sweet potato fries!!! I have been hearing so much about this from the paleo/clean eating community on Instagram. It was a really NICE treat after a very long day of waiting around at the shooting! 

See links from my Youtube  channel  explaining PIYO (Check back!!! Coming soon.) 

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