Friday, August 21, 2015

3 Day Refresh Vegan Eating Detox

When you need something to snap you back on clean eating track, or to get rid of the toxins that may have gotten you out of control with cravings... say you had a Superbowl weekend with 3 parties!?!  

Now, you have a hard time getting back to eating clean because that is the true lifestyle. Superbowl fun is the 20%.   This refresh is the BEST! I know from my own experience as I do this often to keep my cravings under control.  

Basically, you are a VEGAN for the whole 3 days to give your body a break. 
Some fiber sweep drink...Yummy smoothies.. salads and a warm dinner to go with a cup of broth.  GOOD solid sleep. 


You can get details on this program by going to and clicking SHOP.  
Find 3 Day Refresh then click "See Details."  

I like to read everything before giving it a shot. Super strict??

My cravings have had a crazy childhood so I am stuck with trying to tame it into my adulthood. 
This is a winning tool.

With the information in the videos below, I would like to share that you can get this 3 Day Refresh program at no charge with one order of Shakeology until August 31. I would love to have you take part in my September 1st 3 Day Refresh challenge.   I will have one every month until January!    

Yea, I told you I am strict and want to keep you guys on track until 2015 ends! 

In this video, I talk about the 3 Day Refresh program. 

One of the recipes from the 3 Day Refresh program that I enjoy so much!

Details about the 3 Day Refresh from the creator who is an nutritionist that have noticed that some people do cleanses in a damaging way so she worked with Carl Daikeler, Beachbody CEO, to create this powerful 3 Day Cleanse that you can do on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is a good alternative to the Ultimate Reset's 3 weeks cleanse. 

Here are some of the success stories that came out in the beginning using the beta testers.

All above videos has captions. #withcaptions

With clean love,
Coach Pearl

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