Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Updated 21 Day Fix Food List

When the 21 Day Fix first came out, I dove right in because I always felt like I had been second guessing what I was supposed to eat at certain times because my activity level goes up and down over the day or week, so it was quite a headache for me.

The issues I had were... How much am I supposed to eat if I am not working out? How much more do I need to add if I actually do my intensive workout that day? Guess what... 21 Day Fix pretty much solved this issue once getting this program, for my personal needs with this issue, instantly shared this with my Beachbody clients and my peers.

The guidebook, either downloaded via Beachbody OnDemand or in the actual physical book, it has a page where you do a simple calculation every once a while to make sure you are fueling your body properly. I swear by this program because I used to lack fruits, carbs and proteins! Blame it on the kids for eating all of the fruits and taking my proteins at dinner time, but now I know.

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Here you will be able to download and print a general food list for the 21 Day Fix program. This was just updated as of August 2015. 

Print and put one in your purse, car and in the kitchen for when you have a blank moment like me 10x a day.

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