Friday, August 21, 2015

Ways to Dice your Vegetables

Video on how I chop, grate and prep my top favorite vegetable staples! 

As you try different recipes, you may find yourself wondering how much of that new food your body really needs. 

How many eggs do your body need in the mornings? How much tomato sauce do you need? It have always been a mystery to me til #21dayfix containers cleared everything up so as I cook awesome recipes including this #nomatosauce, without tomatoes and made with #bonebroth, beets and carrots! 

I knew how much I needed because if not, I would slurp em all up as an excitement of a new delicious recipe! 

All excitement aside, portion control doesn't only tell you how much to eat but we help you clear up on WHAT your body needs to eat from each foods categories everyday! 

Vegans, paleo, or any eating style needs a good BALANCE. Let me help you! 

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