Saturday, September 26, 2015

Be Beautiful


Today, this pair of jeans is going to the goodwill. I have had held hope onto fitting in you for years.   

5 years. 

I transformed my lifestyle 100%.

Exercise and move my body daily. 

Eat super clean and never starve myself. 

Feel super awesome mentally and physically.

Reached my major weight loss goals and many other non-scale victories. 

My legs still never felt right with you, that pair! 

I changed enough. I am sticking with my healthy habits for life, but because I can't go beyond are off my shelves! 

My kids are watching. They are learning about how their bodies are different than others. How some clothes are not comfortable on them but are perfect for others. They have inspired me to embrace my features when I have done everything for 5 years. 

It's okay to dump something that you thought were cute for so long because they are not meant for you. 

Dump and tag me! ❤️💪🏼


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