Thursday, February 18, 2016

FINALLY- this APP is out of beta testing! Read below to see if you want IN my first ever Challenger Tracker App instead of us trying to email back n forth and keeping eachothers accountable in a fb group! This was getting a bit old fashioned? You think? Now... with this APP, you will have access from your phone OR the internet!!!! Here is my invitation for the next 8 weeks, starting this MONDAY! Just when two of our newest programs, #8x8 Challenge with Joel and Half & Half with Jericho launches! Along with 22 Minute Hard Corps starting in March! Together, we can achieve more! It takes you one day to decide, but 8 weeks to see WHY it is worth it! You will struggle and have setbacks which is why we will include PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT reading! Guess which book I will suggest?! 30 minutes a day of EXERCISE-- real stuff! Meals and Snacks to FUEL your goals/activity level! No Starvation! Water intake accountability Fun FITNESS friends in the making! With the program you chose to focus on for the next 60 days, you will experience -increased energy and stamina from everything we willbe doing -weight loss if thats your goal -improved mental clarity from cleaner eating Most important of all, you will be empowered to focus on establishing habits to last you a lifetime! Daily fitness and Eat to Fuel the health should be the mindset. Only 11 dollars a month after your free 30 days and ALL the workouts are ONLINE unless you want them in DVDS. :) or to have me assigned to you as your coach n inbox me for your access to the challenger app on your smart phone or on the computer if you prefer! No more worrying about missing a facebook group in your feed.. this is OUT! YOU IN!?!! Pearlene Utley message me asap for the link and access code to this private group!

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