Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Half and Half and 8x8 Workout programs on BOD with Joel and Jericho

NEW 8x8 and Half and Half Programs on Beachbody Ondemand *MORE DETAILS COMING UP as I get them!!!!  
You will find them under "Member Library" in Beachbody Ondemand which means they are included. 

This is exciting!!! Remember Joel and Jericho from Les Mills Pump!!?   Well, they broke up from them and joined Beachbody to create programs for our Beachbody Ondemand members! (Club membership if you are wondering!  

You can get your access by going to www.bitly.com/beachbodyonline or www.pearleneutley.com n clicking Join, Make me your assigned coach, Club Membership n then exple BOD with your whole heart! 
BOD is the biggest tool for my clients and myself, since becoming a coach in 2010! 

Ok... Now, you get first 30 days free then every 3 months, your access to all of those workouts, nutrition guides, BOD exclusive workouts along with many other tools of club membership will cost you only 38 dollars...every 3 months so break that down to like 12 per month.   Worth it!!! 

The "8x8" workout is a STRENGTH TRAINING 25 minute session, so if you're doing any other strength training regimen, you'll need to decide what day to swap...don't overtrain and hurt yourself!! 

Both will be available on #beachbodyondemand this Monday, February 22nd, 2016. There is also a challenge group for each where Jericho and Joel themselves will support us all!   Ask me to get added to the groups! *One of the workouts will be on Sneak Peek on CDJ *a favorite feature of Beachbody Ondemand where they will highlight a different workout on each day of the week to introduce you to that program* 

Heres another one!! 
Half and Half! 
4 weeks with “Half & Half”, a program Jericho designed that is Half CARDIO (20min), Half YOGA (20min)

Heres an example of workout schedule you can do with the "Half and Half." 
Schedule A (You're just doing "half and half"):
Week 1+2
Monday: Cardio+Yoga
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Cardio
Friday: Cardio + Yoga
Saturday: off
Sunday: off
Week 3+4
Monday: Cardio +Yoga
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Cardio + Yoga
Thursday: Cardio
Friday: Cardio + Yoga
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: off
Schedule B (You're doing other workouts, too!):
Week 1+2
do the full “half and half” workout (CARDIO+YOGA) 2X per week on any 2 separate days during the week (pushing play start to finish 2x per week) Tip: try to implement these workouts on days you are not already working out or doing challenging cardio or strength workouts.
Do the first half (CARDIO) 2x per week on any 2 separate days during the week and the second half (YOGA) 2X on any 2 separate days during the week (pushing play a total of 4x per week). This is a great option if you are doing other tough workouts during the week and/or doubling up on cardio, strength or flexibility workouts.
Week 3+4
Follow week 1+2 schedule, just add a full “half and half” workout to your weekly workout schedule (doing half and half 3x per week) -or- add one more "first half" (cardio) and one more "second half" (yoga) to your weekly workout schedule (so in total, you’re doing 3 cardio and 3 yogas from “half and half" each week)!

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