Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My bedtime routine means a lot to me!!!@autoimmunepaleo with @repostapp. ・・・ Nightly Routine. Having a solid bedtime routine helps me tremendously when it comes to actually sleeping well, though I am still navigating some adrenal issues & occasional insomnia. Check out @goto.bed for more info about how important sleep is for healing—I just might be joining a challenge group in the months to come! Here's my routine: πŸ’œAfter the sun goes down, I try to wear my blue-light-blocking glasses. I also turn on the salt lamp in our bedroom. πŸ’œIf I'm especially wound up or if my pain levels are high, I take a warm bath with epsom salts. πŸ’œAround 9pm, I take my bedtime supplements (more about those in a future post). πŸ’œ I floss & brush my teeth. I oil cleanse my face with jojoba oil & rose water (thanks to @itsme.charlotte for this tip). I moisturize using a couple drops of frankincense essential oil + jojoba. The frankincense is not only great for skin, but the scent is really relaxing. πŸ’œ I fill my bedroom diffuser with filtered water + lavender essential oil & set it to run all night. πŸ’œ I climb into bed & use my @therasage infrared heating pad on my abdomen for at least 30 mins to help keep my Interstitial Cystitis under control. An infrared heating pad is more effective & it doesnt have the same risk of damaging your body like a traditional heating pad can. πŸ’œ Inspired by one of my favorite podcasts, @gretchenrubin's #HappierPodcast, I nightly journal at least one happiness demerit (something that didn't go well that day/something I'd like to improve in the future) & a gold star moment (something that did go well/something I'm thankful about) for the day. πŸ’œ I do a guided meditation via @headspace. I've really seen improvement in my mood, digestion & mental health since beginning mindful meditations. πŸ’œ I read for a bit, usually a novel or young adult fiction or inspirational book. I try not to read health-related books right before bed because I don't find them very relaxing! πŸ’œ Finally, I take my low dose naltrexone (LDN) right before turning off the lights, hopefully between 10 & 10:30pm. Who else has made sleep a priority? Does having a bedtime routine help you?

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