Friday, February 12, 2016

Powerful read to fill the PD tank for the day! #Repost @carldaikeler with @repostapp. ・・・ "A Master never gives power to forces that aim to divide"... That's a page from an elegant book called "Mastery" that friend and Ultimate Reset expert/support guru Glenn Berkenkamp recently wrote and published. I love his quote because too often I find myself facing toxic divisive situations and chasing patchwork solutions just to try to "get things done." That's when I become complicit with the toxicity and part of the problem. I'm not a master... I'm sure you've encountered negativity in your life where it serves no purpose but to divide and destruct in order to self-serve. Let's not fall for it anymore. Don't give it power in your life or let it co-opt you from being a person who creates. Look for the people who see problems and their initial reflex is to do the hard thing of trying to understand and solve, not condemn and attack. Do that this weekend. Look for them. They are the coaches and customers who lift us all up. Look for people who can coexist with imperfection and still applaud progress. These are the change agents, the peaceful warriors that keep things light. These are the Masters we want to attract to Team Beachbody. Tag those kind of people here and let's find more of them! These are the masters I want to learn from!

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