Sunday, February 28, 2016

This was from 60 days of funnnnn Hammer n Chisel. My other challengers did amazinnn too! I would post their before n after photos all day long!! Up next... Join my EXCLUSIVE 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Group! . EFFECTIVE and FUN?! . SHORT ON time?? Need motivation? Fun? . Tony Horton has got the program for YOU!!! 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts are only 22 minutes a day, 6 days a week. You don't need a big room to do them and no equipment is needed! Did I mention FUN to just follow along instead of trying to read a list of exercises to do? Just go and FLOW! . 8 effective Boot Camp style workouts, mix of Cardio AND Resistance for Functional Fitness March only, get the PT Sandbag, customizable with how much you want it to weigh, for FREE when you order from me!!! Oh and bonus workouts along w a free finisher honorable gift. #militarystyle My private group is ONLY for those who are doing the 22 Minute Hard Corps program and is willing to hit up Shakeology to ensure better nutrition on a daily basis for a month! I want to work closely with you all. Please, email me for more details, I can't simply fit all of it here. Email me at đź“©Pearleneutley@gmail.comđź“© to reserve your spot! Program releases on Tues, March 1st!!! đź’Ą

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