Thursday, March 10, 2016

Who want to transform their bodies and lose 10-30+ lbs, countless inches and gain strength and confidence. People who are ready to embrace themselves and finally give some love and attention to themselves. You will follow an exact work out plan (work outs are 30-40 minutes per day depending on which plan you choose) and a simple meal plan! You will also be part of a private group where you will have accountability, support, motivation and fun! So what will you receive with this? ✔️dvds or live streaming of your work outs so you can work out from the comfort of your OWN home ✔️portion control containers to help with the meal plan ✔️a cookbook with easy to make meals that don't have you feeling deprived ✔️30 days supply of a superfood meal shaker cup for your superfood meal ✔️ME as your coach and support through the whole thing (and monthly if you would like ) ✔️private accountability group where you can feel safe and share anything in privacy With this group, I will be awarding prizes for individuals who stay committed to their goals for the full 21 days and are supporting others along the way! The results so far with my January & February groups are just PRICELESS like I mentioned last week! I want to be able to give MORE people this opportunity to get the results they've been waiting for!! Stop putting yourself on the back burner. You DESERVE more. Let's do this!! Just message me "I am Ready!" We will discuss a designated plan for you! Look forward to hearing from you!

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