Friday, April 8, 2016

-Cravings all the time -Feeling BLAH -Skin isn’t GLOWING -Confidence is a mess If this is the case then this is for you!!! I'm looking for 10-15 humans who are ready, like 100% ready and committed to 30 days of 30 minute workouts, portion controlled clean eating, and daily accountability and support from me as your coach! You get to eat cookies! If you are not currently working with a coach and you are not a coach yourself then you are eligible for this group! Grab your cookie- you see there are only 6 cookies!!! ***STARTING ON May 1, we are going to TRANSFORM your mind and body and get ‪#‎SUMMERSTRONG‬ Are you with me? Come- there's a cookie for you. Get on the path to your fullest potential right here where tools have been tried and true for my myself and many challengers over the course of 6 years!

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