Sunday, April 17, 2016

Current Mission: Reverse/slow down the decaying of my kids teeth with a diet of less grains, sugar, and few other things. Worked as a coach today taking tons of photos of my fridge before and after shopping/bulk cooking n lots of chopping so that we have a foolproof week of clean eating meals for the whole family! To see all the photos n learn more about what we eat, inbox me and say "Peak Accountability" and I'll add you to my free group where I upload those stuff to HELP you get ideas or motivation to nourish the body and prevent any developing sickies/cancer/whatever blahs that comes from eating a diet lacking of nutrients. Dinner was light because I ate lots of vegetables as I chop them all evening and a snackology after dinner! #nutrientseeker (Not for those who r already working w a BB coach) Shown in photo is fennel bulbs, ground beef, asparagus, tomato sauce, sliced scallions & lettuce. (Onions, ginger n garlic is a must in our everything for a good reason! Ill explain in my May program.) Sunday fun day is still fun with clothes and dishes to fold n wash! #blessedmommy #neverendingstory

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