Monday, April 18, 2016

Never taking our wellness for GRANTED has me learning EVERY damn day and to pass forward the blessings I m sharing organicnerd tidbits Scroll down if you dont mind less superfoods in your life.. Read n embrace blessings this Mother Earth is giving us like.. TIGERNUTS and dinosaur toys to remind us of our ancestors. Tigernuts are not nuts! They are potatoes and is a superfood! Fueled up to 80% of our paleo ancestors diet two million years ago! BIG hello to the dinosaurs! IRON POTASSIUM FIBER Helps the body produce probiotics that improve digestive health. HELLO HEALTH better digestive means better body machine! TigerNuts are the #1 source of Resistant Starch a prebiotic fiber that research studies have linked to weight-loss. Resistant Starch increases your ability to burn fat and reduces overall hunger!! This is going down in my PURSE biking bag hiking fanny pack and the car trunk! You can soak or eat it raw. I also got thetiger nut flour superfoods baking SURE!

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