Friday, April 8, 2016

Patience! It goes for all kinds of challenges including trying the @thenewbarn almondmilk ice team - you ought let it sit out a bit to thaw so that this dairy free treat tastes like the real stuff! Patience means hanging onto something good long enough for it to achieve its peak...clean eating n a positive mindset lifestyle doesn't make you feel sexy on the first week- but with 5 years of focusing on staying on track will have you taken aback with how good you feel & how you haven't been sick that often or whatever else this lifestyle surprises you with. It's sickeningly rewarding to be overcoming messy beginnings as long you go by each day remembering patience is a virtue. We can help you- @darrellutley and I r updating up our clean eating program from the past years to help you with your messy beginnings. Email pearleneutley@gmail with #summerstrong in the subject line n we d chat goals!

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