Sunday, April 3, 2016

Read carefully and continue to learn everyday. #organicfarming #Repost @doctor_jess_md with @repostapp. ・・・ Isn't this terrible?! This is why supplementation is essential. Even if we are eating healthy choices like #organic fruits and veggies, our bodies have been exposed to depleted soil, #pesticides, fillers, #vaccine additives, heavy metals, pollution, and #hormone disruptors for the majority of our lives. Unborn babies have pesticides in their bloodstream prior to birth! Children have many more genetic mutations and toxic loads than our grandparents did when they were children. Sometimes the body becomes overloaded and our innate disposal system like the bowels, #liver and lymphatic systems become overwhelmed. These toxins then sit in the bowels and fester while releasing by products into our system. This can lead to subsequent pain, depression, inability to concentrate or even physical disease. Often we do not correlate that our body pain, brain fog, joint stiffness, anxiety or irritability to a missing essential amino acid, trace mineral or vitamin that we are deficient in. Even if we are getting the proper minerals/vitamins from our poor depleted food (most of us aren't-most of us eat fake, boxed food), there is another issue. Pesticides and lowered immunity give rise to opportunistic pathogens that burrow holes into our gut lining, creating leaky gut and horrible MALABSORPTION. No matter how good your diet is, if your gut is leaky, you're losing vital nutrients from your food that keep you regulated and healthy. There are answers. I promise your body can #heal. Check out @empresssoulsociety's online shop and natural supplement store. I only carry products that I believe in and have witnessed working in my patients. I will even personally help you and tailor a health plan just for you! Contact us at for further questions! Much love. 💜#happysunday #Empresssoulsociety #MD #sundayfunday

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