Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We made it happen!! Voted!!! We originally filled out the absentee ballots n forgot to mail it out, thanks to #parentingdoneright so we had to squeeze in a quick drop off at a polling station between two important appts. That's not all- I had to redo mine because I made a mistake but all is IN! Onward with the best for our very home country! Vote every chance you get even if you have to drag the kids along! #everyvotecounts

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After eating cupcakes from the #Fixate cookbook, (Available at my store, http://ift.tt/1j3JgQF) that were baked by my Maiya's teacher, I craved for vegetables so I got myself a pho without the noddles for more beneficial vegetables! Even if the cupcakes were a "healthier" version, it's still sweet n acidifying so some counterbalancing was needed! #paleoish #littlestoriesofmylife

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Our little Maiya have promoted to be a first grader at Southern California School for the Deaf in Riverside! #ittakesavillage of amazing teachers, staff, friends and relatives to put this smile on her heart! Million of photos were taken on my nonsmartphone camera and if you want, I'll spam ya with adorable photos from this morning! #ittakesavillagetoraiseachild

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Did you know that any kind of sickies has no chance of surviving in an alkaline environment? 6 years ago, I regularly treat myself to something sweet when I buy groceries but I have evolved to buying nourishing treats like lil alkaline water instead. 
Takes only your Commitment to always learning & listening to the body. Thirty minutes a day. Easy NoCalories counting color container tally system. What you can't see is the transformation that happened INSIDE. No more crying when I get dressed. I feel proud, confident and I feel STRONG! For once in my life I TRULY do not care what the scale says. I'm still enjoying my life and eating clean 80% of the time. I just feel GOOD! Thirty minutes you guys. Take more good fuel. You deserve that! 
Today can be your beginning with me as your free coach, get set up with the program I've been doing for a super discounted price, and to get added to our group that "kicks off" daily. Drop your email below and I will be sending details out before the summer arrives. #alkalinewater #volkswagenbus

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#BOD have been the best thing that happened to my fitness journey! Sharing the JOY here because I LOVE it so much! What is #CDJ in Beachbody Ondemand?? BB gives you a suggestion for workout of the day from the WHOLE BB library. They usually follow a daily schedule like Mondays are for cardio & Tuesdays are for lower body. They chose and announce a following workout to try. This is a fun way to try new workouts and get to know what each program is like. Streaming just like Netflix! You can download 7 of your favorites to do when you are without internet! (BOD includes many programs where you can access & download workout schedule, meal plans, nutritional guides, and more.) Ask me for your free 30 days and then its like 11 per month (Charged every 3 months) http://www.bitly.com/beachbodyonline I have serious FUN finding the oldest workouts just to try them out! LOL Often, they add NEW workouts by BB trainers themselves or the master trainers *live instructors* so you can keep on finding fitness INTERESTING! They put in many different workouts so that if some doesn’t suit your preferences well, you will be bound to find something that matches your needs from the thousands of workouts! There's even a search bar! All with captions / #subtitles so I am one happy Deaf #fitnessmama

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