Sunday, June 5, 2016

Did you know that any kind of sickies has no chance of surviving in an alkaline environment? 6 years ago, I regularly treat myself to something sweet when I buy groceries but I have evolved to buying nourishing treats like lil alkaline water instead. 
Takes only your Commitment to always learning & listening to the body. Thirty minutes a day. Easy NoCalories counting color container tally system. What you can't see is the transformation that happened INSIDE. No more crying when I get dressed. I feel proud, confident and I feel STRONG! For once in my life I TRULY do not care what the scale says. I'm still enjoying my life and eating clean 80% of the time. I just feel GOOD! Thirty minutes you guys. Take more good fuel. You deserve that! 
Today can be your beginning with me as your free coach, get set up with the program I've been doing for a super discounted price, and to get added to our group that "kicks off" daily. Drop your email below and I will be sending details out before the summer arrives. #alkalinewater #volkswagenbus

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