Sunday, June 26, 2016

#pearleneutleyisgratefulfor Finally!!! I found wiser alternative to a #yeti tumbler for my frozen blended shakeology or anything cold or gallons of hot coffee. _____________________________________ This came in a pack of two for only 20 bucks at Costco! I like insulated tumblers because it's easier to pour in smoothies & to wash than any other insulated bottles like hydroflask. I'll keep my hydroflasks strictly for water. In case you need to order, the brand name is @reduceeveryday _____________________________________ The smaller insulated pint cup-mug is from #kleankanteen and it keeps my coffee hot and delicious! I can't go back to regular mugs, even when I am at home! _____________________________________ We all need all the bottles to drink as much water between #allthecoffee and the daily shakeology. #365er

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