Saturday, July 9, 2016

30 minutes workout to get rid of that crazy stuffy nose n sore body that probably was vegas's sparkly pollution?? It's funny because this workout is called "The Dirty 30" from the @21dayfixextreme It was surely cleansing but I need more so I am off to an Espom salt bath to wash off the soreness from all the crazy long sitting and/or standing in the last two days! My my my SALE is on!!! 21 day fix or Fix extreme which is the program I'm doing until I hit the BeachBody summit on the 28th! Let me know if you need this in your life and I will get you set up before our Challenge Support group starts! Always remember to do a detoxifying workout right after u get back from vacation no matter how hard it is' 🙈 You should see how I did during this 30'mins. Blehhhhh but I feel BETTER'

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