Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Here is my good morning in #americansignlanguage What I do to get and keep my results & help others get results? I am proof of commitment, 30 minute workouts 6 days a week & simple nutrition with ALL the food groups. I don't even count macros or calories - this is seriously simple. 65% of people who buy a program without support (ME) never finish, so my job is to not only help you finish but KEEP GOING!  I myself was terrified of exercising at home but I fell in love with this almost 6 years ago. Really-I wouldn't be doing this for almost 6 years if it didn't work & wasn't realistic. My life is always busy w our girls and -#deafcommunity activities and I can easily eat burritos n brownies everyday. If you WANT strength to do what I do you just have to take the 1st step & try & now is the time because my workout n mealplan is on sale!  Email me & lets get you in my next support group which comes with the meal n exercise plan! *must not be working with a coach or BE a coach*

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