Monday, July 25, 2016

Maiya woke up at 4am this morning with bad stomach pain so I took her to ER just to make sure it's not something serious. Yesterday, my 6 years old asked me why I workout... AGAIN! I know-- my kids have asked me repeatedly throughout their 8 years. I think its a way of reminding me why I work so hard on keeping this habit around for as long as I live. Ya know, as long as you take care of yourself, you feel good on more days of your life than not. With this-- I would love to help you get hooked forever! No matter what level you are on fitness, you will ENJOY Beachbody Ondemand (online access) or dvds programs, accountability and ideas in my challenge groups! I have not held a challenge group over the summer as EVERYBODY ignores their coaches those summer days. August 5th- Sept 5 via FB group and/or challenger tracker app on your smart phone! Daily Meal Prep & Nutritional Tips Videos Covering many topics related to wellbeing PERSONAL goal oriented support group Similar minded positive peers Personal Development Menu plans for different types of dietary preferences Whole Foods Shakeology because SUPERFOODS! Must not be working with another BeachbodyCoach Buzz me soon as I have 9 spots left! PS. If you don't think anything will work for you- CHECK in-- I am a good match maker-- and we have a Country Heat country dancing program coming this week that will be helpful with luring you into fitness one step at a time! Stay Empowered-- because you are worth it!

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